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Nero the Pict
Crackpot Podcast Ep 38

Special guest from north of Yo Adrian's Wall, Nero the Pict. I didn't remember to bring this up during the podcast, but this is my favorite nom de James, partly because of my interest in Hadrian's Wall but really because it is perfect.

Nero tells us about the restaurant and social scene in Baltimore, which may be in your city's future, so pay attention. He talks about his interest in history, including the riots of 1968, restrictions on trucks in the city, and many funny stories.

The Crackpot Podcast features itinerant writer and laborer James LaFond, and sleep deprived motherslave Lynn Lockhart.

0:00:45 Baltimore restaurant scene

0:03:55 Restaurant workers in Baltimore don't get hazard pay

0:07:20 Early 2000s gentrification movement

0:08:55 Opening second locations in the county

0:11:15 Banning trucks in Baltimore, Nero, historian of Baltimore, library denizen

0:16:30 Nero's interest in the Baltimore riots of 1968

0:18:35 2015 Freddie Gray riots continue today

0:20:05 Baltimore PD, see the Hell's Angels Myth 20 episode, cops in MCs

0:25:05 Contrast with toothless PNW cops

0:26:45 San Francisco PD

0:28:10 Working in downtown Baltimore, food trucks, restaurant

0:37:20 Famous Baltimore bartender story

0:43:05 The Bel-Loc Diner

0:45:25 Starbucks open bathroom policy

0:50:05 How to interact with persons of color

0:53:48 Sean's road sign (see above)

0:54:40 Kanye

1:00:50 Women voting for Trump

1:03:50 Loudon Cemetery post

1:06:00 Jitterbug phone

1:09:20 The Poor Tour, Pat Dixon

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

How the Ghetto Got My Soul

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BobJuly 28, 2018 3:51 AM UTC

WN is all about restoring the right of dissociation. Exclusion per se is no less legitimate than inclusion.
Sam J.July 25, 2018 11:55 AM UTC

This is so sad. It heart rendering to see the city just disintegrate. I look at the pictures of Detroit and it breaks my heart also. Massive great cities and you just can not live there. There is only one way this can be changed. The people that made this so must be jailed or executed. There really is no other answer. We've tried most everything else.

I want to add this is where my ideas of White Nationalism come in. People have poo pooed this but this is really a matter of Whites looking after their own interest. There's a way to make these problems go away. The courts ruled that poor oppressed Blacks who were idiots deserved the right to vote just like people who had jobs and paid all the taxes. This DIRECTLY led up to what is going on now. People before would just not stand for this kind of destruction. In the far past when the Blacks got too far out of hand one Black would do something to the Whites and the Whites would riot, grab a few of the worst of them, string them up and things would quite down for a while. Don't believe a word of that BS that Whites were running around stringing people up for nothing. I'm not advocating we go back to that unless nothing else works. We have a better way. The Supreme court decision to let anyone vote can be changed. It's written right into the Constitution that the Congress can limit the courts to deciding only that which they want them to rule on. Simply take away the courts ability to rule on this and bring back literacy test and maybe pol taxes. All the cities would rapidly lose all Dindu voting rights and Whites would go back to having enough force in the government to stop this. This is WN stuff. It is simple, logical and works even in the best interest of Blacks even if they don't like it. WN has nothing to do with Nazi flags or marching around. That's just the guys the Jews pay to do that stuff. It's about looking after Whites and our civilization first.