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It Rainin' Katz en Dawgz
The Harm City Hoodrats Brave Torrential Rains to Lay it Down!

Amidst record torrential rains, with 8 days straight of crop-rotting rain compromising Maryland sweet-corn production, there is one commodity that Central Maryland can be counted on no matter the adverse weather, that is down range [okay, across the street] lead precipitation.

From Friday July 20 thru Sunday 22 Harm City, Murderland had 16 shootings and produced 5 bodies, maintaining their roughly 1 in 3 hit to score ratio and bringing the total fatalities listed as homicides to 159 on the year.

The first victim of the weekend was 1 year old Zaray Gray killed a day after 7-year-old Taylor Hayes.

An overall trend is a reduction in the age of victims, a reversal of a trend from 2015-17 which saw an increase in the age of killing victims.

An overall, and decades old trend which continues to accelerate is the stabbing deaths being focused on the near Eastside, the Eastside properly defined as everything east of I-83, which, along with the railroad tracks, splits Baltimore in uneven halves, with 7 of 10 stabbing deaths on the Eastside, but most near the dividing line and along the Westside to Eastside bus routes which bring Westsiders through to Eastern Baltimore County, a consistent hoodrat migratory pattern. In fact, in 2017, 13 of the 20 aggressions on my person occurred in the destination area of Baltimore County to the Northeast of this northeasterly population movement.

A rather disappointing trend is the dismal rate of Yeti harvesting, perhaps brought on by the low temperatures and high precipitation of the year, and the accelerated migration of these pallid creatures to higher and cooler climes, with only 4 palefaces done to death out of 159 urban primates.

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