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A Letter from Home
Oliver and James Discuss Dissent and Tabooing in this Sissy Age

The footage I got of you was EXCELLENT! Also, I interviewed 2 people associated with Move. One being a member of the family. So am now moving to attempt to get some opinions from the other side of fence, so to speak.

Reason I was reaching out however is Alex was attempting to set up a fight for me tonight. It didn't pan out but most likely on Jake's next card I will throw my hat in.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything, writing wise, fighting wise etc. You put in a ton of time and especially with pugilism you've made me a better thinker.

Regardless of whether that translates directly to results in the ring or outside of it, just wanted to tell you I appreciate it, as I feel I have grown since having discussions and working with you and for a LONG time I was stagnant and one dimensional in my viewpoints.

…Also, if you have time at some point check this out if you haven't already.

The portion concerning Bret Weinstein's dilemma with Evergreen State, Hitler, and pepe the frog reminded me of our last conversation about your current situation with Amazon.

It seems that when the subject is taboo, no conversation can be had. Goes beyond PC. Some of the best conversations I've had have been internal dialogues in response to something I've read (because I clearly can't have those some conversations aloud). Especially concerning 'taboo ' topics.

If people like yourself are censored before time is taken out to see the intentions behind the words and the 'moral of the story', it does EVERYONE a disservice. Learning is stymied and progressive conversation stops. Everything is watered down now.

James keep doing what you're doing.

-Oliver Wendell Hayes

Open Response from James

Oliver, about the fight, just replay those things I’ve told you a thousand times.

Out of the ring you face a different set of dangers than I do, as the world order has set us on different planes, based solely on our race, which places us not in mirror image peril but opposite peril.

The Censorship Establishment is made up entirely of members of my race, who will punish me according to our racial value system, which is exclusively monetary. I will remain poor as dirt.

The attack dogs of the Censorship Establishment consist of police and intelligence agencies, human resources departments in corporations, NGOs and members of your racial group, who have generally been assigned to spread terror among their own and others. The mechanisms of hate and are in place among people of your assigned group to kill dissident thinkers of your rare type. Tommy Sotomayor has had numerous threats against his life, for instance, so you need to be careful on that level for now.

Currently the ruling elite is using black police assassins and mixed-race terror squads to silence witnesses and even police officers of color and conscience. We are moving into an unprecedented era of taboo terror, in which worshippers of comfort [most people] will be kept in line through fear of associating and not condemning taboo thinkers. That is the System’s main line of defense, the fact that most American humans are so thoroughly domesticated between the ears that they can be frightened into deafness, daftness and dumbness.

The means of counter attack against dissident thinkers who break through this comfort barrier will be employed haphazardly and incompetently in the main due to the use of undirected proxy enforcers—this is how tabooing works, it’s left to those who so wish to reside in the purest niche of conformity to persecute us on their own.

For me that means a narrow-assed, soy-infused ghost boy with a computer mouse.

For you it means a Reparations Recover Agent with a gun, punishing you for being a race traitor because his white masters said you are.

For either one of us, if we go too high profile, it means lawmen—evil hearts behind shining shields, kicking in our door.

Once, while I was waiting for you to get done a job and get to the gym for your sparring, the fighters and instructors from the two previous classes were standing around talking about when the Government was really going to crack down, to start acting like The Matrix agents and just snuffing people out as a tripwire response to dissent.

When that question was aired, the two other coaches, one my age, the other my father’s age, both military veterans, pointed at me and said, to paraphrase, as this was like 5 years ago, “When you see men like James being walked out of their house with a jacket over their head and then never hear from them again, that’s the System crackdown.”

I don’t know how close this world is to that stage and that’s why I’m in such a hurry to finish my work. One of many obvious clues that we live in an evil society is that I am being censored for speaking and writing against race hatred, rioting, murdering and raping and enslaving children, and that many writers and podcasters advocating government reconfiguration [imagine a huge system not being threatened by attempts to reconfigure it], street wars, riots and race purges, and even assassination of the sitting president, are living under the protection of the same system that’s stepping on some low rent knucklehead that’s just trying to set the record straight on who owned who when this house of worried bones was founded.

Oliver, keep using an alias and never trust a woman, business associate or coworker with your true opinions.

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Ron West

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Sam J.July 27, 2018 10:43 AM UTC

I would like to post some good news. Frequently I only talk about bad news because...well that's most of what we get these days but now there's good news. I've gone back and forth on whether Trump is a good guy or not. A guy purporting to be high in the administration,("Q"), has been posting a LOT of stuff about child trafficking, corruption, etc. that I and many others talk about a lot and it appears that Trump is actually doing something about it. This is a major miracle because it's only gotten worse since Kennedy was killed. Trump just a few days ago said he is going after the FED. Now this is the most major move ever against the deep State. The FED is root of the tree of evil. They are able to make such mischief because they have the cash. Trump is on the verge of appointing almost all of the Federal Reserve officers and people are publicly saying,"Trump has a right to call out the Fed if it's not acting in the US best interest." This is news of an absolutely transcendental quality to me. Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!

This along with the arrest of significant Hollywood insiders may be, and I think so, the beginning of attacking the pedos which the deep state uses to blackmail and gain compliance among officials. There are also rumors that the Russians have been bugging all these Jews doing this and cataloging where, how, when and where they keep their money and sex slaves. Conveniently Trump has signed a Presidential order that anything owned by or used by people trafficking people can be confiscated. He could take their sex slaves and all their cash. They would be ruined. No one really has any love for someone blackmailing them with terror and if they knew their power had slipped in even the slightest they would fall on them and devour them in a heartbeat. We may be seeing that.

Now Trump may be the biggest fake ever in the history of the planet but I'm not seeing it right now. After all if Hillary won they would have everything they wanted and...she lost. I think it EXTREMELY likely that the surety that all the leaders of the Left had that Hillary would win was because they controlled the voting machines. Except I think the military, knowing what and who did 9-11(the Jews), has had enough of their BS and hacked the voting machines. Hence the huge surprise when Trump actually won. I bet they didn't hack all of them so plenty were fixed and the true count of Trumps win was actually MUCH higher than we're told.

As for James present position. It may not help right away but there's massive grumbling by the Republicans over censorship by the left. It might even help if James wrote Amazon and told them he was going to write his Congressman and the committee looking into censorship if they don't let up. It might even work. Things are looking grim for them.
responds:July 27, 2018 10:05 AM UTC

Thanks Sam,

Hey, I don't have a congressman—I'm homeless!

Besides, I don't vote and if I were king I'd paradrop all congressmen into Rwanda and Zaire.