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Walking ATM Machines
Banjo and James: Is Harm City Blight Coming to Your Town?

Note, as I assemble this email exchange into an article, I received a link that another Baltimore City Police officer has been charged with drug-running. Do understand that he is merely a scape-goat, that I stand on good information that the BPD corruption goes higher and deeper and involves elected State officials and federal agents.

A Reader Named Banjo

I appreciate your work and your perspective on things. You write of reality. The one that few will ever have the courage to pull off their blinders and see even momentarily...until of course, it is too late (at which point people always claims they saw it coming). In a podcast you mention that what is happening in Baltimore will happen elsewhere. I concur. When I moved to NYC a few years ago I was on a walk at night as I often do, observing the drunken ATM machines walking around with no awareness to anything but some very flamboyant gay man going on about how his boss is a bitch, I found a pair of Rayban sunglasses and thought about how much things have changed here, but the violence will cycle back. The Bronx barbarian hordes will realize the risk to reward ratio of mugging or push in robberies in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas will be quite favorable. I think the problem that is going to arise is that a number of the human ATM machines have never faced any violence and never had any ritual violence rite of passage. So at age 28 they are going to try and prove to themselves that they aren't made of glass...which of course will end terribly when they find out that they are made of mostly water.

Anyway, I'm really happy to have found your work and look forward to reading more. Keep on keepin' on till ya can't.

A few people call me Banjo… to be honest I am a fish out of water on the east coast. The antithesis of NYC. I'm at heart a Midwesterner who wanders too much. The east coast has too many rules. I suppose people have been out here screwing each other over longer than in the Midwest hence the plethora of regulations on everything. As an example, I recently went out to a swimming hole in the Berkshires recommended to me by a friend who grew up in that area. I had a heck of a time getting there, dealing with a lady friend going sideways who was terrible at navigation, missing turns etc. I finally get there and no one is swimming. Empty, the whole beautiful natural pool, with a green suit park ranger perched overlooking the pool. Then I notice that a sign. No swimming. Apparently too many people dove in and cracked their brain buckets. People continue to create smaller and smaller boxes to live in until one day they wake up and realize they have imprisoned themselves with all of their magical spells conjured up by the lauded lawyer class.

Well thank you for the compliment but your work has inspired me to get a photobook finished with stories from my self-imposed exiles across the country.




Banjo, I too am living in a self-imposed exile from the rancid city that spawned me. This is due to financial necessity, but will hopefully enable me to better grasp the shredding fabric of this thing we call civilization.

On a recent visit to NYC and nearby Brooklyn I was impressed with Brooklyn as a place much like Baltimore, if those who ran Baltimore were not the devoted parents of the criminal class, which comprises gangs, feral urbanites and police, the three evil, bastard children of modernity. I can see Brooklyn turning further into violence but not so far as Baltimore, because of the demographics. There are just too many Asians, whose industry prices out the welfare-based ferals, and too many Latinos, whose cohesion and solidarity prevent deep penetration from the ebony predators that have turned most mid-sized American cities into war zones. I see Brooklyn as a functional, face-changing incubation center for the soulless melting-pot dream I was raised to believe in, a tarnished example of the human hive which will fall into savagery and ruin in most other American locations. I did not like it, living like that, even for a few days, but it is survivable so long as the massive tax base continues to support it.

NYC, however, was like a grungy science-fiction movie about a testosterone-depleted near future. The white men were occasionally what would have been thought of as masculine normal in the 1980s, mostly teddy bears and narrow-assed sissies and often gay parade princelings. It was odd to be, as a decrepit old dog, at the top of the physical food chain, until I realized that there really wasn’t a violence food chain, but an invalidation and moral subversion food chain, that even the big black men in their prime, wandering around, theoretically capable of doing me bodily harm as I passed them in the nighted and rain-soaked streets of NYC, were groveling shells of former menace. I silently saluted the NYC PD for at some time in the past beating the dog shit out of the dedicated criminal class and reducing them to begging zombies, as vapid as some hipster beard-boy’s narrow-assed pretense at decadence.

I count NYC as a marvel of modernity, a stewing hell of soul-erasing wonder, which will thrive until the entire edifice of civilization dies in some terrible spasm. This is only a feeling, for I lack the perspective or experience to judge such a hell on its own terms. I’d rather be hunted through the streets of Baltimore by ebony avengers than deactivated one sensibility at a time in something like NYC.

As for the possibility of spreading the bloody bounty of Baltimore, Detroit, Camden, Cleveland and other unrepentant shithole cities, I’ll give the ingredients that make such an aggression-soaked cake bake:

-1 A minority of industrious, alienated Asians and/or Hispanics to form a service base

-2 A drug-addicted and/or government-employed mass of ghost and ebony dependents

-3 An ebony, youth warrior class spawned by drug-addicts and parasites

-4 A deluded passive elite of guilty ghost puppets

-5 A manipulative mixed-race and internationalist class of predatory elites

Human ingredients 2 and 3 cannot sustain themselves without ingredient 1 to feed them, ingredient 4 to patronize, fall victim to and forgive them, and ingredient 5 to direct, excuse and falsely edify them. This is a human stew with five corruptly seething parts, which interact chemically rather than mechanically to form the human zoo which is the postmodern mid-sized city and increasingly suburban municipality, none of which are self-sustainable but depend on state and federal taxes paid by those folk I have been visiting across the U.S. in areas were one may still carry a gun. It is no accident that in every location in which one is permitted to walk armed, there is not only an almost complete lack of violent crime, but a complete lack of ebony dependents and ebony warriors.

In order to implant a dependent class of ebons to breed a violent class of weaponized ebons, the elite class must first disarm the war ghost indigenes, which will result in them having to abandon the service sector [owning and operating businesses that sustain the ebon pets] and then breed passive offspring or flee as passive refugees replace them, thus setting the stage for full blown anarcho-tyranny.

Banjo, the answer is, wherever you are not permitted to walk armed, will eventually devolve into a hunting matrix, unless it houses the actual internationalist elite and has funding to deploy something like the 30,000-plus drone army that is the NYCPD.

Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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Sam J.July 30, 2018 4:07 AM UTC

The Black Nationalist would not tolerate for one minute the foolishness of some of the Dindus in this country if they were in control of their areas. I don't have any problems with the BN.
Sam J.July 28, 2018 10:05 AM UTC

I want to reiterate something about WN. WN is about Whites looking after themselves first. it really doesn't necessarily have anything to do with hating anyone else. The guys marching around giving nazi salutes are mostly paid by the Jews. It's also about saying what we expecpt the community to be like and the behavior of those in it. Much to the peril of the Dindus who want to do as they please.

"...I silently saluted the NYC PD for at some time in the past beating the dog shit out of the dedicated criminal class and reducing them to begging zombies, as vapid as some hipster beard-boy’s narrow-assed pretense at decadence..."

This is actually about as WN as it gets. I don't even think the NYPD had to hit much of anyone. They just arrested all those breaking parole and put them in jail. Over and over til they moved or were placed there long enough that they decided whatever they were doing was not worth it.
responds:July 28, 2018 11:18 AM UTC

Sam J., I have no problem with the existence or activities of White Nationalists. I have even trained some White nationalists and have some good friends that are of that persuasion.

I do think that White Nationalists have a natural ally in Black Nationalists and Hoteps.

Also, don't forget Stoddard's thesis on racial dykes.

Take care.