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Summer Plans
Crackpot Podcast 39

James and Lynn talked back in May about summer plans and current events. I hope you enjoy this short episode.

The Crackpot Podcast features compulsive writer James LaFond and compulsive editor Lynn Lockhart.

00:40 Request from Brian Jewell

01:10 2Kevins podcast, how the Crackpot got started, Lynn seeks validation, fails to obtain

07:23 Elusive Big Ron update, Let the World Fend for Itself

10:05 Tribes Yarns, James' estate planning

15:30 The World is our Widow

17:25 Ghetto Grocer news

22:50 Baltimore Police Chief indicted

27:40 Single Combat, Baruch's comments, The Deadliest Men

38:25 Industrial warfare, Napoleonic Wars

45:30 Summer plans

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Sam J.August 4, 2018 3:22 AM UTC

Lynn we'll take away the vote form all Women but make an exception for you who have proven to have some common sense.

Hope Big Ron is ok.

It will not be long before all this produce will be picked by robots. I bet it could be done now but the work has just not been put together. Then who will pay for the aliens?

Baltimore Police Chief, elite, (the modern nobles of the King).

Are the deadliest generals artillerist? Stone wall Jackson was one.

The Scientologist creationist, L. Ron Hubbard, favorite way to describe enemies of Scientology was a "Suppressive Individual". Now that your in the "Suppressed class" be assured you are in good company.
responds:August 4, 2018 12:29 PM UTC

You know, Sam, Forest wanted to be an artillerist and comically insisted on learning how to fire big guns himself during some battles, although his math skills were sorely lacking. While his men were slaughtering the garrison at Fort Pillow and Chalmers was trying to stop it Forest didn't know what was happening because he was trying to knock a Yankee steam ship out of the water with a piece of fancy ordinance he captured, like a kid addicted to throwing rocks at a toy boat.

Alexander and Genghis Khan used trains of slave artillerists, the scientists of their day, in much the way that the U.S. used Third Reich scientists for their space program.