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‘Enslaved People’
An Example of How Good Historical Research May Prop up Wicked Fantasy

Considering the article:

Did George Washington’s false teeth come from his slaves?: A look at the evidence, the responses to that evidence, and the limitations of history

by Kathryn Gehred, Research Specialist

October 19, 2016

“As the first president of the United States, George Washington set the standard for presidential leadership and the goals of the new country. He made difficult decisions, including the incredibly significant one to step down from office after two terms, setting an important precedent and preventing the new democracy from sinking back into monarchy. At the end of his life, George Washington also made the controversial decision, not condoned by his family, to free his legal portion of Mount Vernon’s enslaved people.”

The author would have the reader believe, that when Washington moved to free his African slaves, against his wife’s wishes, that these constituted all of his enslaved people, when in fact he was busily replacing slaves of African origin with German slaves, because in Virginia, the German’s served for a limited period and he could discontinue their service and the need to feed and house them when they wore out, and in Philadelphia, where he conducted business, blacks could only be held for 6 months while whites could be held for 3 to 31 years. Washington was moving to leasing farm equipment and away from buying. These Germans lived in the same barn and stable with the Africans and labored under identical conditions, including being beaten. There is a fine painting of a German on his knees handing grain up to an African woman as Washington looks on with his baton.

The author then goes on to misrepresent the young United States, which she characterizes as “a nominally free country” when any rational reading of the three founding documents plainly indicates that America was founded as an economic exploitation zone dedicated to the prospect that the free elite might use the poor, unfree, homeless and criminal classes as slaves. The Constitution of the United Sates explicitly states that poor and unfree folk as well as criminals had no rights under its aegis. [1]

Furthermore, in the following paragraph the author castigates Washington for “sometimes” separating families, when, according to the firsthand account of German slave Gottlieb Mittelberger, who left Pennsylvania [having been separated from his family] at the every time Washington was preparing to conduct military operations in that territory against the French, it was normal for English-American masters to break up German families and sell off the children to persons and parts unknown to the parents.

“However, as a slaveholder, George Washington also followed the standards of his time. He condoned and even encouraged violence as a way to keep enslaved people subservient. He bought and sold slaves for economic reasons, sometimes separating families in the process. While president of the United States, leading a nominally free country, he actively prevented his enslaved servants from learning of their own natural right to freedom.”

Despite the 21st century standards being applied to the 18th century Washington by the author in the last six words of the above passage, Washington was enforcing the spirit and letter of the Constitution when he enslaved people of European and African races. Plantation America was a slave nation.

Below is an actual historic record from the same year and same Province/State [Pennsylvania] in which Washington took his first step on the road to military and civic glory:

“…on account of their great poverty, most of the families after reaching the land are separated from each other and sold far away from each other,” [2]

Indeed, this same author, related the fact that fines for swearing in Philadelphia imposed on poor people were a means of the government to sell off the poor children and split the profit with those who had informed on the person accused of using a cuss word.

For this reason, it is important to understand that even the most well-intentioned and apolitical historians and researchers have been misled by the very falsified historical record they imbibed in University, that only blacks were slaves in Plantation America, when the truth is that nearly as many whites were trafficked into Pennsylvania in a 50 year period than their existed blacks slaves in all of America at the end of that period, being the apogee of Washington’s sainted life, 1776. In that year roughly a half million blacks were in American bondage, the same number as the whites who had been conducted into bondage through Philadelphia alone in the previous 50 years.

As for the false teeth, it appears Washington paid his negroes for them at a discount rate rather than paying top dollar for the teeth of poor whites.


1. The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, see the discussion of The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and The Constitution of the United States of America.

2. Gottlieb Mettelbergers Journey to Pennsylvania in the Year 1750 and return to Germany in the Year 1754, 2012, Forgotten Books, page 31, chapter 2.

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