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The Hate Box
Musings on Living in an Evil World

I recently heard a very articulate Dissident Right podcaster speak of the people on the Left that he “hates”. Then, after having made a few very articulate points about our current corrupt system, he went on to state that he believed the vast majority of U.S. career intelligence officers to be good patriots working within agencies which were “a necessary evil.”

I am of the opinion that Hate serves the System, that all coercive systems are served by Hate and that for this reason Hate is cultivated by the systems of control. For instance, in the age of heroism, which breathed its last in 1865, warriors could still battle and kill each other without Hate. A population, like the citizens of the Union might still revere pious and civil men like Robert E. Lee for being a good man fighting for a bad cause. But now our current media is geared towards pure Hate of whatever leader rules whichever nation our rulers wish to plunder. We have hundreds of millions of citizens who hate the leader of the Hermit Kingdom because of his hairdo apparently, when it is obvious that he has zero ambition to expand his rule beyond his borders, which makes the U.S., and not the Hermit Kingdom, the aggressor according to any rational view of geopolitics.

Shia Iran, a nation which has held to a defensive posture since then rise of Islam—except for a few brief excursions, such as a remarkable leader invading then expansionist Russian territory in the late 1700s—has been a horrid boogie man in American news since I was a teenager. Yet most of the Islamic terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens have been by their Sunni rivals. Despite these apparent realities, numerous otherwise peaceful and gentle people have told me of how troubled they are of the threat posed to the U.S. by “those crazy Iranians”, with three folks of this liberal stripe recently agreeing with the insane proposition that the U.S. should nuke Iran, apparently because some Iranians have been filmed showing support for their nation and their faith in the streets of their nation.

I suspect that George Orwell was our greatest prophet, for barely after the introduction of TV as a novel medium in the middle of the Late Insane Century, he made the TV central to mass mind control in his novel 1984, featuring the “two minutes hate” segment so important to view for the citizens of a state based on mind terror and committed to never ending external busy wars.

Over the past few years, as readers who I have come to know have demonstrated unhappiness after being “black pilled” it has occurred that Hate is our equivalent of J. R. R. Tolkien’s mythic One Ring. It should have been so obvious for so long to a fighter and coach who has experienced and witnessed time and again the debilitating effects of Hate on a fighter and the supreme power of fighters who regard their opponent’s with empathy, that this was so. For the demonstration of Hate in a fighter sells tickets and puts asses in seats, serving the system of boxing promotion, but serves the fighter rarely if at all.

An obvious feeder of The System is Factional Hate, keenly depicted in one episode of the original Star Trek, in which Federation and Klingon crews were placed together on a ship and given primitive weapons to fight with in order to feed the evil entity which projected Hate upon the combatants and then fed off their hateful acts. The history of the U.S. is predominantly one of the government alternately backing different factions and growing in the wake of the predictable upheavals. Isn’t it odd, that on the year I was born that the most lauded icon of American culture was the lone, white, Christian man with a gun and that in the year of my economic death the most hated figure in America is the lone, white, Christian man with a gun?

Are we to suppose this is an accident, that this love to hate mass media valuation was not cultivated by those in power?

So when the Dissident Right podcaster professes Hate for those who now control the government apparatus in this nation, then admits that this apparatus is “a necessary evil,” then goes on to state his belief that tens of thousands of government spies and armored door crashers who volunteered to work under evil people in a necessarily evil system, are not only inherently good but largely uncorrupted by that one force that binds us together in ignorance and rules us all, he is demonstrating a common symptom of Hate—the clouded judgment of the hater, the combatant whose inability to perceive nuance consigns him to blunder into mishap.

Taking a step back in the mind, my previous lack of perception stands as an embarrassment. I simply devolved beneath the threshold of Hate as an expression of my social suicide, my embracing of economic death, and gained no real power from it. Indeed viewing my lack of hatred as some kind of ghost state brought a weird calm. What I noted was that my lack of Hate robbed my enemies of weaponry, robbed the system of power over me, without making the obvious leap that hating the system itself strengthens it, just like hating the opponents of the system strengthens it and hating the rules of the system strengthens it. Any system opposed by those with clouded judgement prospers. Also, a system operated by those with clouded judgment—if that system is redistribution mechanism—will cause that system to grow as evermore gross adaptations are triggered among its progressively deluded functionaries.

Put simply, to Hate your enemies empowers any system that stands above your enemies.

To Hate the system that stands above you empowers it by compelling your enemies below to support it to spite your agenda, no matter whether that agenda is liberty from the system or control of the system.

The absurdity of Hate is best understood if one considers the central myth of the American Founders, that our system of control was put in place to guarantee our liberty, without considering the context of that statement, which meant the liberty to exploit those humans who do not deserve to benefit from the system, which was, at that time, every person who was not free, not housed, not moneyed, had fallen into debt or had been found guilty of a crime.

Most of us are free, are housed, and have money. However, when this nation was founded, no one in debt for even a day could walk free unless his creditor forgave him. If you carry a credit card balance, mortgage or car payment, the system as it was at its founding would have demanded your imprisonment and or sale.

How many of us would be free by the Founding standard?

The top 10 percent, perhaps.

At Founding, freedom was limited mostly to the slave owning class, which was roughly 30% at the founding and 14% 80 years later.

Furthermore, with the number of felonies now on the books in the U.S. how many of us are presently guilty of some crime, through ignorance or action, which would qualify us for imprisonment if only The System had the means to enforce all laws broken?

Hate feeds the system that was built to permit the elite the LIBERTY to exploit the rest.

Unless you are a member of the elite the system is your enemy.

To find the truth of this all you need to do is add up the amount of political campaign contributions made by corporations, unions, nations, millionaires and billionaires and compare that to the amount contributed by individuals of the middle and lower classes and one will see that the system is a gun pointed at those who have not given, from whom much will be taken.

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HenryAugust 4, 2018 10:53 AM UTC

I think you’re absolutely right about that. It’s not that there would naturally be some contrived idea of unity between the different groups (races, political factions, etc.) but the social controllers purposely create antagonism by exploiting the divisions and ramping up resentment between the groups to keep people at each other’s throats to prevent any semblance of an allied or confederated resistance from forming.

On a somewhat related note, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for how to keep a cool head and not become flustered in situations that get heated. It seems like a good skill to have not only in fighting or debate but every day life as well.