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'What Is Your Stance on the Flag?'
A Man Question from Jack

My first inkling of this political thread was when I was made to pledge my allegiance to the flag in first grade. I didn't like being forced into this. I also did not like the fact that an atheistic child of hippies had been forced by her parents not to engage in the national cult worship, was forced to the outside just as I was forced into a society I was at odds with from my earliest memories. The girl had sad, and angry and alone, all at once painted on her little face. Nobody in that room operated as an agent in their own lives; none among us exercised free will, but rather bowed to our various masters.

I was born as property of the U.S.A., worked as a slave of the U.S.A. for exactly 40 years, and now, as an apostate of the national cult and it's international successor, I am finally not a slave, but something far more satisfying, a vagabond, the creature most hated by our Founding Fathers. Never in my life have I said the prayer to the flag; never have I worshipped the fluttering idol of my grandfather's masters. I do stand respectfully, have no desire to impugn someone else's civic religion.

I have observed that all nations are evil, because the nation is obviously a construct for the eradication of human culture.

So why do I get a warm feeling, why am I pleased, when postmodern American rebels fly the American flag in their yard? Why did I smile in Wyoming yesterday when a 4-year-old boy walked by in American flag cowboy boots?

Yes, America, as has every nation, twists, erases, maims and hounds to extinction the cultures of our forefathers in order to breakdown obstacles to income redistribution into the hands of the One Percent. To a nation, cultural eradication is a means to an end, an end other than cultural eradication. It is still just greed on an inhuman scale.

But globalism, "No borders, no nations!" as the slogan goes, is dedicated to cultural eradication for its own sake, and, as that gains gravity, the logical morphology of cultural eradication is the extinction of individual human identity, as an end game.

Key to this process is emasculation, or the invalidation of risks taken and commitments given, which is what it is to be a man on the most basic level, to be the risk-taking half of the species. For this reason gender identity must be attacked and the military and police must be feminized.

I would never wave a flag or pray to it, because I don't want to be a party to the foundational lie that is at the base of every nation, for every nation was formed by evil people, for evil ends, built on a lie, or complex of lies, that can be ingested by the idiot masses.

I would also never disrespect a flag, because a flag is a symbol of martial commitment, a place marker that says, "we killed to take this and will die to keep it." Flags are—despite the fact they represent evil puppet polities—one of the last venerated vestiges of masculine identity. Flags are essentially challenges and battlefield supremacy markers and the American flag has been fought under by many men who I respect, so I could not imagine being such a clown as to breakdance on a flag or pull some hippie stunt with some other person's sacred symbol, any more than I would burn a cross or desecrate a church.

There are necessary evils in the world, foremost among them nation states, which have ever stood against—and usually fallen—to empires. Currently, I suspect that the U.S. government is the point of the spear for the globalist order, that it is the hand that will bring about the comprehensive factory farming of the human body and mind and eradicate us as a species. But, people that still believe in America, or any nation, do offer the hope that we might remain mired on this last step on the universal invalidation stair which leads to nothing. So long as we are mired here, on the brink of our moral eradication, there is always the hope that societal collapse might trigger the necessary devolutionary spiral for the restoration of humanity.

The following is an example from Jeremy Bentham

Air Force OKs Breastfeeding T-Shirt for New Moms |

More news on the ongoing transformation of the American military forces toxic masculine culture into something more progressive and inclusive. It is axiomatic that once women are allowed to participate in a formerly all male organization all kinds of changes will be made to make the work environment more comfortable for women.

Seriously though, who can be opposed to motherhood? I mean come on, it’s not like we’d ever really send nursing females off to war, so in the meantime everybody will just pretend that they are just as ready to deploy to the combat zone as any male service member. And don’t stare if she whips it out in front of you!

It does strike me though that such a garment would be just the ticket for the mighty and illustrious Khan’s personal retinue.*hcQ4KMC_YWUJ-LF_.

Just imagine the scene as the regiment of concubines passes in review before the mighty Khan, ensconced on his throne of skulls, as the band plays the “National Emblem March’ :


No one in the Service will complain about training time wasted square bashing ever again.

(Marching Up and Down the Square)

Crotch-less battle dress trousers will be the next uniform change proposal for the mighty Khan’s consideration.


The Great Train Wreck of the West

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Dan BagrovAugust 5, 2018 10:18 PM UTC

The upside to females in the US military is that it undermines the Evil Empire's ability to prosecute wars of conquest and chaos. I will say however that is is Sad to hear a cucky red stater proclaim his pride at his young niece joining the Marine Corps. He is "proud" that she is going to "serve" but all I can think is: "I hear the train a-comin'" Choo-choo.
Nero The PictAugust 4, 2018 10:46 AM UTC

The flag stands for a good deal of evil and some good too. The "Pledge of Allegiance" is a botched abortion written by some proto-commie cocksucker by the name of Edward Bellamy. Wouldn't say it as a kid. Won't say it now.
Jeremy BenthamAugust 3, 2018 10:24 PM UTC

Oh, here's the URL to the article. Enjoy!
BobAugust 3, 2018 10:02 PM UTC

I welcome flag-burning. Everybody gets it: it's not the government that's hated, but the average white American. Even the naivest whites get that on some instinctive level.