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Mate, this is Truly the Fucking End!!!
Eirik Bloodaxe enters the Virtual Yurt with Vaginal News for the Khan

NSFW: On International Beer day, news of a Polish brew made from vaginal bacteria of 'hot models' sparks outrage

Eirik, I smell your pain.

This idea of taking vaginal swabs from desirable whores, isolating the lactic acid bacteria, and then brewing it in beer, should actually be going on in Germany and Britain, where the men have placed their balls smoking on Hera's jealous altar. But, this next-level engagement of beta male squirming to get a sniff of some snatch by a Polish company, does affirm the fact that Polish heads are mostly good for breaking fists.

25 years ago I was in a strip club called Gails, while a little nerd was told to lay the back of is head on the bar and open his mouth by Nasty Niki, who then took his beer and strained it through her panty patch as she squatted over his face and the squid drank it.

Eirik, increased beta male behavior should be expected to reach craze levels. And yes, though this is bad for you, as worthy skulls to be crushed by your mallet-like fists will become scarce and threaten to imping on your honor, it will drive the hot models of the world into your lap. Just like a forest fire in a Rocky Mountain wilderness plagued by beetle kill, this spasm of estrogenic male erotica coming from one of the last masculine nations on the planet, is like that dead beetle kill wood waiting for the flames—and those flames will be the frustrated wenches of the world seeking out alpha males and violent outsiders to fertilize what some fool would rather sniff from a bottle. And just like the year after a forest fire, new and more worthy life will spring from the sterile ash of Western Man—the fool of ages, who held the world in his hand and dropped in in the sewer.

Crushing enemies will be less rewarding.

Driving their sissy souls before you may bring even less delight.

But the lamentations of "the vimen" will still be yours to savor!

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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nealAugust 7, 2018 5:14 PM UTC

Well if colonizing an island blind sex still feeds others.

I heard somewhere these precious bodily fluids are pretty much anywhere, run hot and cold, and wet and dry.

Gets interesting in the deep desert or up on top.

Smells like victory. Or chatter.
Sam J.August 7, 2018 10:23 AM UTC

"...Polish brew made from vaginal bacteria of 'hot models'..."

That's disgusting.