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Nomadic Book Composition
A Revised Schedule of Book Completions

Due to my not having a fixed residency my library has been dispersed to various regions of the country. I require certain books to complete certain of my projects, which has thrown my nonfiction composition into disarray. Therefore, in case you are following certain books I have matched my travel schedule with source book locations and am expecting the following completion dates, with publication dates generally following 6 months later. On months when I am travelling fiction will dominate my efforts at book completion.

All dates 2018...until 2019...


Vagabond Mind—done


Yusef of the Dusk



Devoted to fiction

Seven Moons Deep

The Spiral Case


American Spartacus


Art work survey from my hardback collection for Paleface


Devoted to Fiction

Beyond the Pale

Nightsong of the Nords

Early 2019

Paleface, The 13th Tribe and a Dread Grace are my nonfiction priorities for early 2019, as they have all been pushed ahead due to the logistics of accessing and managing my hardback book collection.

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