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A Glimpse of Modern Slavery

I was at a State Park in Delaware with Cutie. It was hot as hell out, really oppressive. We’re staying cool, having a pleasant time. Children are running around playing while their mother’s watch on. Then this corrections bus rolls up and a platoon of prisoners get out and start unloading firewood.

It was just so strange. You would assume that these are not violent criminals—you would hope. If that is the case and the people are not being subjected to a mass outbreak of violent criminals in a park filled with women and children, then what does that suggest?

These guys are the slaves of old today. The State of Delaware is getting free labor for their parks from these guys, who, if they are not violent criminals, should not be livening behind bars in any conceivable civilized setting. I could not get the thought of those thousands of Irish slaves being shipped into Delaware in the 1700s out of my mind while these sweated their asses off in the sun.

After they were done, they let them sit down and handed out popsicles. I doubt if our slave ancestors got popsicles after they got done stacking cordwood.

-Nero the Pict

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