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August, in the 53rd Year of the American Tyranny

White Rabbit Mall is a runnin'

Hope this finds you well in whatever pastoral idyll you find yourself in. Have a gander at this article. The East Baltimore County Crime Wave is cresting on the banks of the White Marsh Mall Food Court. This whole scenario is vaguely reminiscent of what happened at Gold Tooth Mall all those years ago.

-Nero the Pict

PS Really thought Hurt Stoker was great!!!


Our King of Pictland is of course correct. in the 1970s, Golden Ring Mall was the premier white flight shopping zone in the suburbs. Now it is simply Golden Ring, home to the most crime-plagued Walmart in the world! Bus lines must be run to the malls so that people who get paid not much to work their can get to work and those bus lines are used to bring in criminal broods which form advance intelligence bases for car-mobile strike teams from deep in the hood. White Marsh Mall is very close to where the four innocent, unarmed ebon thigs slew the lady bimbo cop earlier this year.

The Baltimore County Police and government are instrumental in covering up the crime surge that represents the Baltimore City overflow. Baltimore County is now the larger municipality in terms of population and will be, if the Federal housing initiative goes according to plan, all but uninhabitable by civilized white rabbits in 20 years.

In case readers recall the tale of Niki's smoking hot girlfriend defeating a pack of six ebon breeders, that happened in the center of White Marsh's Avenue, in front of the Lowes Theater. Also, 2017 saw a 2:30 p.m. robbery at a gas pump at the mall in which the victim, a man, was made to disrobe, literally around the corner from the police precinct. Since 2015 lone males o foot have been robbed and beaten by carloads of men from the City at a rate of 5 a week, with roughly 1 in 10 being reported.

A miles south the Harm City Hoodrats are only at 177 kills on the year.

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Lou GasAugust 11, 2018 11:07 PM UTC

What happened to Tommy in "when you're food" page 110?!
responds:August 12, 2018 7:04 AM UTC

The last I heard about Tommy was around 2002 when I got this account from his sister. So I don't know if any charges were filed, but these were old SOBO guys so I doubt it.
Sam J.August 11, 2018 2:57 PM UTC

Trump is doing us a great service by calling the press fake news and standing by it. We need to do the same with cries of racism. If the politicians involved in stopping the bus service stated plainly that it's Blacks doing the fighting and not allowing them to get there easily by stopping bus service and then doggedly stuck to this position I think it would work for them. The press and the money Men would attack them but voters are getting to the point where they don't care. They want the attacks to stop.

I think this will happen. it's just a matter of time and maybe a few politicians will be bitten by doing this as soon as a few are still elected it will be like a damn breaking and people will just stop giving animalistic behavior by Blacks a pass. If we're going to say Blacks are the same as Whites then that's the only way this can be made to work. We can't allow them to act like savages and not call them out on it. In the end this will help Blacks as they are the primary ones being preyed on. In the days of segregation we might have allowed more leeway in Blacks neighborhoods but it was always swiftly corrected if Blacks did not act properly in White neighborhoods. This of course bled over into attitudes of how they should behave in their neighborhoods even if it wasn't perfect.