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The Sound of Fear
Have You Ever Wondered What Terror Sounds Like?

The following link was sent in response to Johnny’s Gun

A former LEO (under witness protection) was knocked off (as it said by George Webb ) today in Washington DC. In this vid she sums up what I am alluding to in previous post...

-Mister Bob

James' 3.5 Pence

I have interviewed hundreds of people over the past 22 years.

Although I don't knpw wanything about the charges and claims made by this woman, I can tell you this, she is terrified. That hesitant gidyness in the throat, that's what a woman sounds like when she's telling you about being beaten by her husband, just in case he kills her the next time, so that someone will know.

Of course, I do not believe for a minute that the haloed saints who have been elevated to godhood above our soiled selves in order to save us from each other and our own foolishness, would ever do anything harmful to anyone, least of all a child. This is not to say that the young lady is making anything up. She is obviously a victim of a bigfoot abduction, managed by Annuki thought police making certain that we never find the secret tunnel from T. Boone Pickens' Texas mansion to the Great Pyramid of Giza. It not such a big deal. I know a dude who smoked dope their with King Shrub the Younger, not realizing that he was being doped up so that Dick Cheney's failing aim would not spoil the hunt...

Take Me To Your Breeder: Letters from an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist

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