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‘Theological Method of Consensus Building’
Defining Restoration and Reaction by ‘Jim’

Riley sent me the link to this very ambitious and insightful essay.

‘Jim’ begins with a discussion of the disgusting turn of events at Social Matter, former platform for the Myth of the 20th Century, which turned out to be a homosexual Canadian coup against heterosexual American thinkers. From here he plunges into the well of Leftism and Emasculation and Family dissolution in the Anglo-American experience.

I see the social toxin of Britishism to be 500 years deeper than the author. However, his effort to draw a line from current Leftist social emasculation in America to Charles I, rather than Hitler, is a welcome reprieve from the fantasy that National Socialist Germany was not socialist, which seems to infect so many dissident thinkers on the Right today. Only in a retarded place like America could a group of collectivists espousing themselves as socialists be regarded as Right wingers.

I am not in need of exhuming the mechanics of social decay, because it is inevitable that all civilizations will be infected by the rancid discharge of Gia’s womb. Civilization is the act of making most men assume the female role, of then reducing the female role and dichotomously elevating society as a supreme goddess.

Jim does a commanding job of conducting a dance of socialist ogres on the head of a pin, but social emasculation is far deeper than he imagines in this essay. When you take men out of the forest, mountains and steppes and put them in the fields, and take the women out of the fields and corral them in a house, it becomes inevitable that discontent will seethe at every level and eventually destroy the corruption that is CIVILIZATION. Socialism and democracy are simply the most toxic manifestations of the disease of CIVILIZATION which thankfully carries within it the seeds for its own mastication. This is known by the owners of Civilization, for they banned my book, Barbarism versus Civilization in the womb, before it was even proof read. The title alone made the most powerful publishing house in human history quake.

I highly recommend readers to check out Jim’s essay for themselves. There are some very keen and telling points which I quite appreciated.

The Violence Project

An Omnibus Volume of James' First Two Books

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Sam J.August 18, 2018 7:02 PM UTC

Jim is Jewish an I believe he has an agenda that's not altogether in Whites interest. He's always blathering on about how we need a King and other such nonsense. He follows the long path of Jews making a little sense in some manner to get your attention then derailing the whole of society into the ditch with some other nonsense tacked on.

There's a lot of these.