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Jackals of Modernity
How Does a Man Deal with the Occupants of Humanity’s Bedpan?

As the great races of the west soil themselves in their wheezing descent into decayed decrepitude, I have been, as the oracle of the Khan—more alive in his grave than postmodern man is in his plush squalor—asked to answer questions of questing minds trying to shake off the slumber of their degenerate kinds. Recently, while channeling the Khan with the aid of strong drink, I was asked by one anonymous man as to how one deals with the jackals of modern life, those queer creatures skulking about the cubicles of corporate damnation…

If one is to drink from the skulls of his enemies it is helpful to recall that this thing called civilization that you drown in utilizes neutered man-things, aptly, as you describe them, likened to jackals nosing about remains of some greater creature’s demise, seeking to nourish their shallow souls from the flesh of her who was better and from the deeds of he who is better yet.

As a proper, manful predator, be content that one day the jackals will pick your bones, so you are best served destroying their minds and subjecting them to your will. First, we must complete your jackal analogy—which invokes the savagery of the African savanna—by stating that the lion option is no longer there for men. Imagine, if you will, civilization as a habitat geared towards the jackals, dogs, hyenas and vultures of men, with the figure of the lion-slaying Whiteman and his gun filled by the government. The existence of the government system is stilted towards the lowest life forms, who will be supported by the Great God of Government as a means of identifying, targeting and removing those men of such quality as to be lions, a decisive actor capable of marshaling a pride and posing a real threat to the hunter.

I prefer the metaphor of the leopard, the silent, subtle, stalking hunter. Leopards survive where lions die because lions are more confrontational and less stealthy. You live in a world dedicated to your emasculation or incarceration. These are the paths a man with balls is supposed to follow.

I would rather suggest you understand that you are at war with the world and it is too big for you to defeat. You must therefore engage the jackals of the workplace in a friendly way, otherwise they will turn the system against you, alert the powers of masculine reduction to you fetid apostasy. Pretend to hold the approved and correct view and abide by the myriad empty courtesies. Grow to know the mental profile of your victim, the witless jackal, discover many ways to agree with him, then, encased in said agreement, leave a seed of doubt; plant an idea that will begin to corrode his faith in himself and the mythology he has bought into. Your goal is to take his weak mind and use it to deconstruct his shallow confidence in who and what he is and where he fits in. Support and excuse what is weak in him so he becomes weaker. Then, days, weeks, months, years down the road of false life, when the inevitable shakeup comes. He will falter and hopefully by then you will know the exact word or action necessary to push him over insanity’s inward edge.

Whether you than rise to pick up the pieces or walk on with them scattered in your wake, your immediate goal of encouraging, nurturing and excusing everything that is worst and weakest in your enemies, while engaging in none of this negativity yourself, will enhance your relative prowess and leave the deserving inferiors to their ruinous fate.

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