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To Warm the Cockles of the Khan's Heart
Shep, Riley, Banjo, Big Ron and James Discuss the Latest Example of the Aryan Suicide Instinct

To see ducklings die. AHH, this is fulfillment.

Said Riley

Some times you have to learn the hard way.

Take care.

Big Ron

This one has it all

Including photo!


bicycle to a knife fight? or don't treat the world like it is Brooklyn.

Hey James,

Check this story out.

and a little more to the point:

This illustrates the problem with using only positive experiences and ideas based on those experiences to create a belief system instead of a guidance system. Here the couple were treated very well many many times until they weren't. The u turn the murderers took is like a guy walking into a convenience store with a cap low, hood up and hands in his pocket. Best start monitoring and get out or get ready. But if the lullaby of "everybody's kind" has put your beast to sleep ya might just end up with broken legs looking up at teenage assassins right before they start poking holes in your blood bag.

Here are some signs this guy gave his eye teeth to the tooth fairy:

vegan or vegetarian (yeah yeah, I know there are rough and tumble vegans out there, I knew an old coach that is one but I'm looking at the mean and not the outliers.)

master's degree...educated out of primal instincts? Often.

works for the government in housing and urban development ( believed satisfying work is helping welfare recipients?....)

I do respect that they dropped their jobs and went for it but geezy pete, temper that naivete. And yes I am tempted to choke unconscious the next well to do person who had a low order epiphany after they divested themselves of a portion of their 1000+ cubes of womanly belongings to speak about "minimalism." I didn't think one could make minimalism into materialism but add hipster, instagram and an "amazing docu bro", and as the French say, viola.

Anyway, as ISIS says, "GO VEGAN!"



Riley, thank you, and also thanks to Big Ron, Banjo and Shep for sending this uplifting link.

To some the death and hopeful rape and torture of these two people might seem the unhappy fate of fools.

However, it was the richly deserved fate of fiends.

This was a thinly disguised attempt to make the case that humans should have "no nations, no borders," part of a blatant attempt by the Evil Ones among us to assist us with our cultural suicide.

This actually makes three cases for God:

That he does indeed favor the Middle East

That he is yet wrathful

And that he has finally developed a sense of humor.

God is Great.

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PRAugust 26, 2018 2:13 AM UTC

Guys guys guys,

We don't have to feel angry about the murder of a fair daughter of Albion. Murderers come in all races!

Heartiste is right: it's just cowardice.
Sam J.August 25, 2018 10:14 AM UTC

Let us all dance for joy, sorta, [I admit conflicting feelings as some of these type people are really good people who just can't get the idea of pure evil into their heads because they couldn't dream of doing something like this themselves. Like a hyped up version of Mr. Rodgers (who I love)]

Maybe we can get a bunch of them to "take a little bike ride". We could call it the "Peace, anti-Global Warming Victory Ride" or some other such nonsense. We should start a Patron account to sponsor it.
responds:August 25, 2018 2:50 PM UTC

Sam J, that is genius!

What a race!

If I was a millionaire I'd promote it.
S___August 24, 2018 10:05 PM UTC

I work at an expensive, yet non-selective, private college. I see these tools in their larval form. There is an entire generation of these oxygen thieves out there (99% of them white or white-ish).

Dysgenics, Idiocracy, whatever you want to call it. It is horrifying, and I have to conclude that it was by design.
responds:August 25, 2018 3:38 AM UTC

I love the term Oxygen Thief so much that I'm considering using it as an alias.
JoeAugust 24, 2018 5:41 AM UTC

This story came to my attention and after listening to Morgoth do a decent analysis, I went and checked out the couples blog written by the male Jay. From the very start of their journey, what you read is a batch of posts that challenge his world view, interspersed with triumphant confirmation bias. What I read was a guy who is firmly, irretrievably anchored to the progressive liberal mindset with a zealousness bordering on evangelical zeal who is getting his faith hammered, yet refuses to entertain any thoughts that might, if he had the least chink of sanity, lead to a reappraisal, and, poz forbid, apostasy. This cost him his life and, as Morgoth correctly pointed out, shamefully the life of his woman. But since the numale has relinquished that masculine duty, they cycled on when every instinct ought to have screamed, let's call it a day. He failed as a man and, ultimately, his failure signifies the fate of all men in the West who've long forgotten what it means to be a man. Liberalism really is akin being infected with toxiplasmosis gondii, that commandeers natural instincts and, in this cases, leaves the hosts akin to zombies with inane, mad smiles, sleepwalking in enemy territory.

Morgoth's take:
responds:August 24, 2018 3:58 PM UTC

Thanks, Joe

When missionaries of the New Religion of Identity Erasure get snuffed it still gives hope.