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Plantation America Update


I have a couple of the plantation series titles but was unaware there are 11 existing. Is there a list somewhere ?

Thanks, Don

James responded on Aug-23-2018 at 10:17 PM:


I just updated the series outline and reposted it here:

The Shape Of Plantation America

I really appreciate your support on this.

The completion rates do get pushed back as readers send me even more unguessed source material.

Mistakes made in the earlier books will be addressed in the final volume as I am learning and updating conclusions as I plow through the potters field of our buried history.

Much of the book content, which does not show up on this site is available at 1 article per a week on the Patreon site, where I also post the monthly installments of the novel Sold. Also, radioactive findings that could get this shut down by the thought police will only be available in the books.

Lately, a man with the initials M.T., researching his own truth investigation, has forwarded me additional information on the composition of slavery in Medieval England, which helps place certain aspects of American Plantation Slavery in a clearer light.

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