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Are You One of These People? A Babe Question from Ellen

Ellen, I never heard of this sub social entity by this name.

However, looking at the name QAnon, one assumes that the meaning is to "question anonymously," an act, which, when applied to our government, is on its way to becoming a capital crime.

I am not involved in questioning anonymously but openly, and have been stepped on 4 times by some of the world's largest information companies.

From what I have read about QAnon in the posts below I have two alternative theories as to what it might be:

1. Since the Alt-Right or the Far-Right, have been successfully branded by the media priesthood as enemies of the American People, this might be a platform to question the benevolent wisdom of our God Government without being associated with nuts LURPing as Nazis.

2. That deep state operatives [government employees working in intelligence and law enforcement to advance agendas counter to the will of the electorate] have created QAnon as a trap to gather an inventory of thought criminals, and that Deep State media Nodes such as the Washington Post, have been enlisted to vilify QAnon in order to recruit dissident thinkers in the cause of their own demise.

In the Wikipedia entry, and keeping in mind that in my historical research I have found Wikipedia to be a disinformation platform, it is claimed in an improbably neutral tone that QAnon is a conspiracy theory group who believe in something called a deep state. The discussion of the deep state as if its existence is in question is highly suspicious, since any government official not elected, and establishment media staff, who all crow for war at the nod of the Pentagon, is a deep state operative—in other words, not able to be vetted or rejected by the electorate as they wield power. In this light, I am slightly inclined to go with theory 2. Of course, I would like to read what the anonymous thought criminals who come to read at this site think of QAnon.

Below is a Great Awakening repost link sent by one of our readers. In light of the fact that Reddit deleted some of my links because I was thought to be a racist, I can't imagine this stays up for too long. The ominous picture of Trump is a bit overdone.



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Sam J.August 30, 2018 12:45 PM UTC

"...It's not like the Trump "iconoclast" charade is without historic precedent..."

There's always doubt in the back of my mind about Trump. Right now I believe he is on our side. I could be wrong. I notice and have commented on the fact that the people brought forth as the deep state so far are mostly White guys. No Jews to speak of. I hope that Trump is on our side. If not I see a massive slaughter coming. The Jews know that a lot, a whole lot, of people know their game. The internet is killing their story of the innocent little Jews. I speculated before Trump got elected that it looked to me like the Jews were going to try and start a Russia/China vs US nuke war while they sat it out in the middle. Possibly using chemical weapons and nukes in the Middle East and Europe. It's still possible. The numbers don't bother them. They're psychopaths. The thing that gives me hope is the military definitely knows about 9-11 and also knows who did it. Will they sit back while the Jews set us up for extermination? Their kids will go too. This pattern fits with the people who say that the military asked Trump to run and also the huge surprise that the Democrats had when Hillary lost. It's hard to know. One thing I do know is the options are getting less and less and a summation is coming fairly rapidly. The status quo will not hold. Something is going to happen in the next few years...or tomorrow. Soon.
BobAugust 30, 2018 7:17 AM UTC

@ Sam J.:

It's not like the Trump "iconoclast" charade is without historic precedent:
nealAugust 27, 2018 8:00 PM UTC

That Q stuff sounds like the kind of trash talk coming from low earth orbit. I mean, those cosmonauts and SR71 pilots and stealth guys playing Star Wars off the books can be another layer in the game.

I hear space and perspective and access brings a certain clarity.

Or madness, as if there is a difference.
Sam J.August 27, 2018 11:05 AM UTC

I hope Bobs wrong but he may be right. Right this minute it does appear that Trump is on our side and the deep state is being dismantled.
responds:August 27, 2018 11:10 PM UTC

A very good friend of mine who is a White Nationalist described Trump's presidency like so, in regards to the Deep State:

"He's like a body you jam in the doorway to keep the zombies from getting you."
Sam J.August 27, 2018 11:03 AM UTC

Dan Bagrov is essentially correct. I would say he's right about the Jew obsessed THAT ARE OUT WAVING AROUND NAZI FLAGS but he's not if he's talking about the average Jew obsessed on the internet. They, like me, know the horrid shit the Jews have done. They also know that they did 9-11. 9-11 was what lead me to hate the Jews. I found, talking to others online, it lead a shit load of people to the same conclusions as me. They really fucked up doing 9-11. It clued a vast amount of people into the nature of the Jews. Vast. Once I looked at 9-11 I found it was Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews all over the whole thing. This lead me to looking at other things the Jews have done historically and it blew my mind. They can in no way be distinguished from a tribe of psychopaths. I want to make this extremely clear, if you study the behavior of psychopaths and then compare psychopaths to the behavior of a mass of Jews that have come to your country [ tribe of them], there's no difference at all. The behaviors, what they say, the way they act, their mannerisms. It's over the top how together they act like a tribe of psychopaths. Now I'm certainly not saying every single Jew is a psychopath but I'll be damned if I can distinguish a group of them from a inbreed tribe of psychopaths because there's no difference at all. And this has been going on in the exact same manner where ever they go for thousands of years. The same complaints about them for thousands and thousands of years and them making the same excuses for their psychopathic behavior for thousands and thousands of years.

If you'll look at psychologist with a great deal of experience with psychopaths recommendations for dealing with psychopaths you will see almost universally they say,"Just get away from them". There's no use dealing with them at all".

It seems the only way to deal with them is to deport them. They can not be reformed, they're psychopaths.

I think they are THE MAJOR problem with guiding, propping up and supporting the deep state that is ruining the country. Sooner or later, there will be no choice in this because they are so aggressive they will give you no choice, it will be them or us. I'm not saying we should gas them,[bullets are cheaper anyways], but if we don't deport them they will kill us all eventually.

Something very interesting about Trump is he had the former head of the DIA, General Michael Flynn, in his administration at first. He was out soon but many have said he still is advising. At that time I felt that he had betrayed us when he got rid of Flynn and Bannon but as time went on Trump actually got rid of the more corrupt types and has been steadily putting in people that are big time on our side in trade, security, Justice, FBI and a whole slew of people that are looking after the average US interest and not the deep State. It's possible that Trump got these D.S. guys in at first just to see what they wanted and since we had the goods on them form the beginning they are slowly being picked off and dismissed. I can't be sure and it will be a few years before we can but it looks like Trump is playing a very deep, deep game and slowly cutting off the deep states money supply. The Military Ind. complex is being attacked. They are shutting off large amounts of corruption in farm bills. Two jet planes full of documents were hauled off from the Clinton Foundation. Dan Bagrov mentioned Steve Pieczenick. Steve Pieczenick and many others have said that all these bad actors have been bugged[by the NSA, which has a lot of Marine Corp. officers stationed permanently in the NSA], watched and that they have them by the balls. That they know everything. The D.S.'s big tool was blackmailing people having sex with kids but it's also a weakness if they lose control of the justice department and they have.
BobAugust 26, 2018 1:21 AM UTC

Trump's never been on any side except his *own* and the Likudniks that put him in power in the first place.

That said, it's fun to watch him discomfit leftists and expose media mendacity. It's too bad that most Trump supporters are still trapped in the Cola Wars mentality; "He's surely better than she would have been" etc..

I believe Trump's brief has always been to drag the nation into war with Iran. The anti-immigration posturing merely delivers him the popularity among whites that the former will require.

Selection bias assures only the most venal ever reach the top. Real structural reform to the System, as was proposed by Ron Paul, is never going to happen peacefully from within. From without, with pitchforks.
Dan BagrovAugust 25, 2018 4:44 PM UTC

I'm inclined to think there's too much smoke for it to be fire-free. That is, the claims Trump is backed by the Army/Marines, possibly some "patriots" in the NSA and other places, is probably not just a hoax made up by trolls. It's either true, or it's a trap set by the twisted people who run/ran this country.

I'm totally convinced at this point, as I've said on here before, that the far right, especially the more militant, Jew-obsessed and exterminationist end of it (rather than say VDARE or Ramzpaul), is an op set up by evil people to bait foolish and lost young men into being Useful Idiots. We have the Israelis arming Nazi militias in the Ukraine to fight their Russia brothers, why wouldn't they (unknown powerful forces) do something kind of like this in the USA? Quite possible that Trump was allowed or fooled into running as a less extreme, more broad based version of this "controlled right" strategy. Flag the weak points, see where the remaining points of resistance are in the population, then take him out in a coup, kill his family and economically disenfranchise anyone who's father ever said the N Word in the 1980s. I give this 25% probability. With mass/social media control you can do anything, you can even gradually make people accept homosexuals and trannies!

60% probability I'd give to the basic QAnon/Steve Pieczenick story. Elements in the permanent government, by virtue of their omnipotent spying potential, realized that a lot of the gangs in the power structure were raping children, blackmailing congressmen and such. While they aren't white nationalists, they realized to run an empire, you need a "core" population and that the Red Chinese were getting way too deep into this country. Time to tap the breaks on the POZ and on immigration, especially Chinese immigration, time to clean out the Jonesian "potbellied goblins", reform NATO, get the Muslims out of Europe, and if possible, come to some sort of accommodation with Russia. This would be a covert civil war among the elites, going on now.

That leaves, say 15% probability that something else is going on. My conclusion is that we are totally deluded if we think we can do anything at all. Fun to read, write, vent and speculate but by no means get involved, too risky that the little guy ends up as a pawn, working for free, in some psyop. As you have said James, racial tension is largely a product of diminishing possibilities for normal people, fight amongst ourselves for a few table scraps.
responds:August 25, 2018 9:44 PM UTC

Dan, thanks for this excellent rundown on the lowdown.
Sam J.August 25, 2018 10:05 AM UTC

If you take a lot of the blathering I've been doing for years then QAnon is saying much the same.

There's unaccountable criminals running our and a lot of other countries. That there's extremely good evidence that they are molesting children. There's lots and lots and lots. They use this for blackmail. People have testified to this. The problem is the system is so crooked that they don't prosecute them or if they do they get off with far less than what you're average person would.

The guy named "Q" started posting a lot of cryptic stuff that aligned with a lot of what I and a lot of others have been saying. He started on 4chan and then moved to 8chan. A open bulletin board. I can't say for sure if he's what he says he is. He says he's a official in the government with top "Q" clearance. He says that the DIA asked Trump to run. Because the deep state was totally destroying the USA. People who say they were involved in this say they stopped Hillary from cheating with electronic voting machines and that the Trump vote was actually the real vote minus many machines they didn't get. That's why they were so surprised Hillary didn't win. They cooked the vote. It's involved but the bottom line is he says that they have bugged and documented all these criminals and that they are going to jail a lot of them. If you notice they are fighting back. I'm conflicted on whether he is real or not. Whoever he is he knows a lot, a whole lot about this sort of thing. He gives cryptic clues and the people on 8chan research them. It turns up some super devastating stuff. Large amounts of corporations seem to be involved with very dirty stuff. Kidnapping orphans and using them for sex...very bad stuff. I hope to God he's real. I lean "at this time" towards that he is and Trump is going to fuck these people good. The best site I've seen that does extremely good analysis of his cryptic post is this one.

The reason he says he's doing this and where he's doing it is the system is so corrupt that the people who want to clean it up don't think they will be believed if they were to spring it all at once. It's that bad. We're talking sacrificing children, devil worship bad, so they're leaking some of the evidence slowly and making people research it for themselves. At the same time they are slowly cleaning out the FBI, Justice, Courts so that when they do prosecute the whole thing won't be brushed under a rug somewhere. This is not so crazy because I can explain the drop of building 7 to people and they have trouble with it. Even though it's just simple basic physics that can't be denied that buildings can't fall as fast a rocks dropped in air if they still have some support that's denser than air. It's too much to take. Too scary to realize that your government is that fucked. It's like someone telling you your sweet loving Mother is a serial killer that eats children. Too much to take so people just block it out. Unfortunately it is that bad and if Trump is not on our side we're fucked.
responds:August 25, 2018 2:56 PM UTC

Thanks for all this information, Sam J.

If the guy is for real than he is a virtual wizard to be able to avoid detection.

An idea:

What if he was for real, the Deep State found out who he was, snuffed or turned him [by holding his Aunt May hostage] and are now using him as bait to lure dissidents into the relative open?

As a guy who can barely use a computer this kind of crypto-resistance might as well be sorcery.
ShepAugust 24, 2018 9:56 PM UTC

James, I HOPE the reality is an inversion of theory 2: That Q is a team of loyalists in the NSA/DIA which is conducting a sophisticated PsyOp to "raise the awareness" of concerned individuals, encourage them to research various topics, and aid them in disseminating the results of their research. I HOPE that this Op lays the groundwork for - uh - forthright action and sweeping changes in our government and general society.

I have seen Trump make a hand signal of a "Q" during speeches, which is an unnatural gesture to make, and it always seemed to emphasize some key word that was at issue in Q posts.

Also, the consensus is that "Q" refers to "Q clearance", a top-security level in the Dept. of Energy
LaManoAugust 24, 2018 7:09 PM UTC

It's really too hard to find out anything about it. The tone of "Wikipedia" is way too left-wing, implying that anyone who thinks that there is a permanent "Deep State" has something wrong with them.

On the other hand the "I Know This Is A Fact" charge of pedophilia among the folks QAnon is after, is suspect too.

It really points out the fact that without personally knowing something about it from experience, you can't be sure what's true or not true. It seems worse today because there's SO much information available out there.

I had one of those clearances for 20 years, and other than letting you know things you had to know to do your job, it's nothing special as far as letting you in on Big National Secrets. If the originator is making a big deal of knowing something special and big because they had a DOE "Q" clearance, I'd suspect it's a bit overwrought ....