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Pale Shopper
Good Ghost Stops POC Looting in Pale America

Got Concrete In That Right Hand:

Dude Comes Out Of Nowhere And Lands A Flush Right On Thanos Trying To Steal Groceries!

This one’s right up your alley. What was that you say about never trusting cops.....

-Tony Cox


Thanks for the link, Tony.

Tony, there is no way this dude should turn himself into the pigs! That cop could hardly hold back the smile that predicted his words to the prone Good Samaritan, "Doin' our job for us? Huh, hero? Think we can't handle our business boy?"

No, no, no-no-no, do not turn yourself in!

See the pig suppress a smile when he says they want to know if "he's done this before," that they "want to I.D. him."

As for the punch, it is very typical for guys that big to go down from a decent right straight or overhand right. Note how athletic and hang-shouldered the guy that hits him is, how much bounce in his step, how his shoulders are relaxed and broad. The guy looks like he can bang.

On another note, the municipality this occurred in is definitely better than Baltimore at protecting businesses. Today, in Baltimore, in-your-face looting like this is still charged as shoplifting or theft, not robbery, which is a violent crime, and the cops won't arrest the lotter unless he was $300 or more of stolen goods.

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ShepSeptember 6, 2018 8:40 PM UTC

That detective's face is in the dictionary right next to "tricky weasel".
ShepSeptember 5, 2018 8:13 PM UTC

Heartwarming video.

The thief thought he could just big everybody to death.
PRSeptember 2, 2018 4:10 AM UTC

As Ive been reading the violence project and having watched "Dont Talk To the Cops" on YouTube, i cant undertand why anyone would call them to report acting in self defense. You can always talk to them later with a lawyer if they figure out it was you. Telling them you defended yourself is saying you did it but aren't a criminal and theyre used to jamming people up on charges for that.

Ive defended myself and ran away and never heard about the incident again
Tony CoxSeptember 1, 2018 6:53 PM UTC

In most places, pushing past a security guard or employee, acting menacing, or sometimes just running away are enough to turn the misdemeanor theft into a felony robbery charge. Basically, once they say “Stop” and you don’t stop.
responds:September 1, 2018 9:48 PM UTC

Not in Baltimore, Bro!

We once had a shoplifter at Shoppers Fort Avenue with a backpack full of deodorant duke it out with the security guard, who prevailed. Then, when the pigs showed up, they counted the retail value of the Old Spice and Hot Bitch speed sticks and it came to $297.and change—not enough to force them to do their paperwork and lock the asshole up!

This will spread, police nullification of violent property crime, as crime gets worse in mid-sized cities and government pressure to suppress crime stats mounts.