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This Week in Ghost America
Shep, Nero the Pict and James Discuss the Latest Disfunction Sampler

Bitches Be Crazy...

This video speaks for itself. Where is Tommy Sotomayor when you need him?

Its interesting to note our ebony brothers reaction to this one women wrecking crew to the whole situation. Contrite and deferential to a man.

Enjoy. Be glad you are not living within thirty miles of the Big House any more.

Take care,

-Nero the Pict

Oh King of Pictdom, please extend my apologizes for not being on station to sort this out and calm Oppressed Chocolate down—no, do not giver her my phone number. White Daddy can't be everywhere. Right now I'm busy in Big Sky Country explaining to the reservation babes why I can't prove that I'm half white...

Information, to be useful, must be shared


Okay, man, this scared the shit out of me. I used to have nightmares about BPD cops torturing and killing me.

This is what the long decline is going to look like—free lance death squads from the government...

I guess "they" think this is a good idea


Shep, maybe it's a hoax. We could call it Little Foot. Now I know why the government wants all of those Somali's in the U.S. , so that they can dress up in skinny robot suits and convince us to commit suicide by buying CIA opiates.

Bitchez be crazy, yo...

I gotta say, this guy’s my hero:


Shep, this guy slides the female privilege thing in at 3 minutes and the bimbos do not even pick up on it. This is guerilla masculinity right here.

This does show that Cat Women are evolving, as she is a savage whore who cracked another bitch's skull over the other bitch's husband. Whether the fact that cat women are attempting to breed is a good or bad thing, I will leave to the readership.

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