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Fountains of Andromeda
A Cosmic Work by Joseph Bellofatto

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Back in January, after I finished editing God’s Picture Maker, the seventh novel in The Sunset Saga, I asked Joseph if he knew of any open domain art we could use for the graphic about Iroquois time-traveler Three-Rivers going back to 15th Century Europe to entice Leonardo to travel to the end of time with him. Joseph gave me some leads. Before I could check them out, he sent me this new piece titled Fountains of Andromeda, which I thought was simply breathtaking.

For a graphic to this novel about a time-bending teenage Native American trying to make common cause with a European artist—who literally grew up next door to the man who discovered America—I had been thinking about a graphic by or about Leonardo. Upon seeing Fountains of Andromeda I was reminded of Three-Rivers’ mythic notion of the cosmos as seen through “the white science ghosts’” “ever searching eyes”. Viewing Fountains of Andromeda gave me that feeling I had when I was writing from Three-Rivers’ perspective, in Chapter 11, Black Robes, in the bookmark The One Divided Tree. God’s Picture Maker will go up for sale within the year.

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