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Do a Maneuver
Crackpot Podcast 42

Riley hosted James in his canyon fortress and joined us for a special edition of the Crackpot Podcast. We discuss stories from Riley's long and varied career, at sea and around the world, as well as happenings in his hard earned and well guarded garrison.

0:01:43 James' journey west

0:05:44 Singapore Summit

0:08:30 The Sea Daddy

0:12:00 Andrea Doria, The Final Chapter

0:15:25 The African Queen

0:18:24 The King Barge

0:24:40 The Brit in Daisy Dukes

0:27:15 Katrina

0:29:00 Smash

0:34:53 Music

0:36:22 Bob Dylan

0:37:55 Cow farts

0:39:17 Air Force, loading aircraft, bring beer and air conditioners in, taking dead people out

0:41:25 Canary Islands

0:43:20 Ocean artifacts

0:44:40 Dining on the barge

0:45:53 Riley's favorite place to live overseas

0:47:25 Riley in San Francisco

0:52:15 Military school

0:55:05 Mice bridges

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Sam J.September 13, 2018 5:27 AM UTC

I went saw David Allen Cole at a good sized bar one time. There was one, one Black kid there. No one messed with him and he seemed to have a good time. Good show.