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Boswald Bollocksworth
Wants to Know... An Anarcho-Tyranny Question
Boswald Bollocksworth
commented on
'The Plantation Club'
2:03 PM UTC
James, would be interested if you have any comment on this case:
Wondering if you read anything in between the lines us non-Harm City folk missed. Smells a little fishy to me, though I suppose it's not impossible some double affirmative action hire (black, woman) waltzed into the wrong apartment and started blasting. I suspect, if nothing else, she was drunk or high.
Talk about anarcho tyranny
Harm City Analysis
This stinks to Hell and we will never know the truth.
An off duty cop enters an apartment and kills the occupant and is not arrested or charged?
If I walked into a random apartment and then knifed the person living there and said I was mistaken in my address, I would have never seen the light of day.
Do note that the female police officer is a Caucasian Woman!
Your assumption that she was black is understandable, in that black female cops have set off such infernos as the 2015 Freddie Grey riots.
Warning: What follows is pure crackpot speculation.
After reading the report and article, have the following possibilities in mind:
1. Love triangle. Cops and church performers are highly oversexed, with both usually having multiple partners and the relationship most commonly resulting in females in American cities entering the apartment of their lover unannounced is the white woman and black man relationship. My hunch would be that the murdered man was cheating on the lady cop with a local babe of color. Repeat, when a white woman accidentally wanders into a majority black neighborhood, enters a building she does not live in and ends up in the apartment of a black man, it is a fair bet she has been there before. The dude lived right around the corner from where this bitch worked. Even if it turns out that this cop lived in that building, it strengthens the case for this killing having been a pipe-laying visit gone wrong. There was no knock on the door noted by neighbors but there was running after the single shot—perhaps the flight of the woman the victim was having sex with when he was so rudely interrupted?
2. Anarcho-Tyranny. This might have been a witness assassination, to which this officer was assigned by senior dirty cops, for the reason that she was blackmailable for some reason. The fact that the black neighbors didn't seem to know this bitch perhaps suggests police assassination. who lives near a police station—all of which have dangerous folks about the area—and does not lock their door? This woman gained entry and then shot a single time and would make her a perfect police assassin to take outa witness.
3. Predatory police behavior. I suppose it is remotely possible, that a white woman, the type of human least able to handle high stress situations, scheduled to do police work for 12 hours, fell into heavy drug and alcohol use, went looking for a cute black dude she had met while mudsharking in uniform and surprised him in his apartment and shot him when he declined to have sex with her. Numerous cops save the addresses of citizens they meet who they find sexually appealing and then try and arrange a tryst.
There is no logical reason for this shooting that does not involve either systemic police corruption and assassination or a sexual relationship or advance between the white murderess and the black church singer/white collar employee. My choice is MUDSHARK MURDER.
In any case, the fact that this shooter received special treatment due to her law officer status, is enough to indicate that Dallas is living under at least limited anarcho-tyranny.
Thanks, Boswald.
The Violence Project
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ShepSeptember 9, 2018 5:24 AM UTC

Now we have a name. Amber Guyger.
ShepSeptember 9, 2018 4:55 AM UTC

This is probably contained in James' Theory #2, but the victim worked for Pricewaterhouse, which is a yuuuge international accounting and consulting firm. Might he have been a loose end of some deal that needed tightening up?
ShepSeptember 9, 2018 2:22 AM UTC

"Dallas Police Chief Rene Hall".

Seriously—is there a single PD west of the Mississippi that isn't run by A) a female B) a POC, or C) both?
responds:September 9, 2018 10:52 AM UTC

If there is, this will be corrected!
Boswald BollocksworthSeptember 8, 2018 6:47 PM UTC

I knew you'd have a sensible take on it James, thanks for commenting.

I didn't realize her race had already been released, ok I feel bad now for assuming it was an insane black woman instead of an insane white woman.

I think this booty call gone wrong or witness hit story makes more sense than "wow this man broke into my apartment and redecorated! MUST KILL!"
responds:September 9, 2018 10:55 AM UTC

Boswald, the redecoration kill reflex is such a cool concept I need to use it in fiction.

If she were a black cop she would have gotten a white male cop to kill this dude in return for sex. Black women are so much more practical than Ghost Queens when these matters need addressing.