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Deletion Watch 9/10/18
Latest Casualties in the Thought Crime Purge

censorship update

Amazon going after Michael Hoffman for obvious reasons.

censors are getting bolder

This guy's book was selling really well and they axed it. He writes about picking up women.

Lynn Lockhart

Convicted Thought Criminal

Testosterone-infused people might not like reading or writing fiction, but that will be the only refuge in a year or so. Write horror and thereby agree with the system that your views are false and tasteless.

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BanjoSeptember 10, 2018 5:56 PM UTC

The monolithic "they" are making it easy to find new authors and interesting subjects via amazon bans. Just finished one of Hoffman's books. His They Were White They Were Slaves is in the mail next. 451.
Dan BagrovSeptember 10, 2018 5:25 PM UTC

And now we learn that Kantbot of all people was questioned by the FBI earlier this year. Kantbot, of all people! The dissident right have been incredibly naive to think they could get away with questioning things so openly, we live in a system every bit as authoritarian as the old USSR, only they have much better tools and have most of the public totally unaware of it. Such a system cannot be resisted.
responds:September 11, 2018 6:04 AM UTC

Resistance is futile except within our own minds.

I see myself as engaged in nothing more than providing some inner diversion for a few of the tiny number of oddballs wo have somehow not been brainwashed by the media state.