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Banjo sent me the following heads up, which was an important find on a couple of levels.
It's the little things in life...
I couldn't decide which is the most appropriate:
Having viewed the video and read the article one is presented with a positive text, or narrative.
Big black girl picks a fight with athletic cheerleader girl, throws the first punch and is then beaten up. The current story of violence in America for white folks is mostly fear of and attack by blacks. So that fear has been positively addressed by the example set by the cheerleader.
Likewise, being seated and attacked and then turning the tide against a much larger attacker is another good resolution of a bad odds encounter.
The large black girl is not only of unfortunate appearance, but extremely tentative for an attacker. It seems clear that she has been goaded into making this half-hearted attack by some third part, very possibly the person videoing the scene. She is then fairly un-spirited in the combat, betraying symptoms of childhood brutalization and very likely brain damage. She is most certainly the least intelligent, least socially aware, lowest status and by far the least confident person in the video.
The cheerleader lacked grace in the extreme, spoke like an uncouth man, and for this reason was probably targeted as the subject of the aggression by the third-party fight promoter, because it was known she would give battle. The manipulator was sure to have at least one victim here.
Note the shrill, girlish, sissified noises of the young men who largely encouraged this behavior and then cheered like female MMA fans watching some stud athlete. The lack of nascent masculinity was most glaring. Do note how much deeper the voice of the young man was who suggested the fighting be stopped as the black girl's head was slammed on the pavement.
Except for one boy—who failed to act decisively—these shrill, groomed, two-legged mice were content to encourage and spectate as girls fought. There was no instinct to protect either one of these females. One confident young man could have defused the entire situation by intercepting the black girl and engaging her in friendly conversation. Indeed, I would be surprised if this girl was not encouraged to do this by a promise of male companionship. Also note, that such behavior is guaranteed by same age group ranking of children.
As a boy and later a youth and even as a man, I endured numerous instances in which other students or coworkers tried to manipulate me and another person into a fight, usually because they disliked both of us. I am confident that this was one of those situations and that the semi-retarded black girl was easily led into her own humiliation. I have probably been privy to more scenes of black females attacking than most of my readers combined and I guarantee you, when one of these females is of a mind to attack another female—especially a more attractive, lighter skinned woman—it is a beastly scene that sometimes requires bouncer quality intervention.
Thanks, Banjo for the uplifting text and cautionary subtext.
The positive combat scene gives us little folk hope.
This sorry social scene is the logical conclusion of public education.
Here is another sign of the end of masculine time:
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Sam J.September 15, 2018 12:51 AM UTC

I want to add I don't believe Blacks are super human athletes. I've had my ass kicked by Blacks but only when there was more than one or they were way, way bigger than me. When they were my size I knocked the shit out of them.
Sam J.September 15, 2018 12:48 AM UTC

Go White girl! Go!
ShepSeptember 12, 2018 9:06 PM UTC

Paige Van Zant showed excellent explosiveness from a position of disadvantage and continued to follow up once the momentum went her way. Transitioned smoothly to grappling ( I believe Dr. Kano would call that technique tani-otoshi). But she sure could use some LaFond boxing training.

James, I bet with a year in your agoge, she could be making her UFC debut in the 125s.

But for now, her parents need to get her into another school ASAP to evade the inevitable 4-on-1 gang-up payback.