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About Black Women
A Man Question from Mason
Dear James,
In a previous episode of the Crackpot Podcast with Lynn Lockhart, you mentioned that black men have little to no authority on black women, but that white men (if they know how to manage them) do not have that kind of problem - that it is, in fact, quite easy for a white man to deal with black women from a position of authority.
Could you tell me more about that? I have had little dealings with black women in the past and have no clue how to conduct myself towards them.
Be safe,
- Mason
Chocolate Smiles and Woke Devil Wiles
Okay, first we have to understand how the liberal, white elite in the U.S.A. has weaponized the African American population, largely to their own detriment.
The SYSTEM has put into place government hiring practices which make it twice as likely that a black woman will get a good job than a black man.
The SYSTEM operates welfare in such a way as to deprive many black men of homes and most black youths of fathers, further pointing the black man in the direction of crime, which is useful for clearing working class neighborhoods for future gentrification initiatives.
Law enforcement practices result in a greater gap in gender icarceration rates among blacks than whites or Hispanics. Black women get a break from the system that white women do not get—just look at the DOJ stats in my upcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
Black women hold municipal offices in black districts at more than 4 times the rate of black men. This has been called a matriarchy, but it is a maimed patriarchy, with white men almost always holding higher positions than the black women. For instance, during the 2015 riots, the black female mayor of Baltimore found herself subordinate to the white male governor or Maryland.
By denying fathers to black boys and giving double the job opportunities to black women over their men, you remove the brakes on violence that are mature, respected neighborhood men and also guarantee that most of the black electorate is female, making that 13% of the U.S. population into a dedicated liberal, and therefor anti-family, voting block, while at the same time providing foot soldiers for the real estate speculators who need to remove working class folk from affordable housing in order to keep turning those dollars.
This system was easy to put into place, as the system of plantation slavery which American blacks never escaped from, as did America whites, placed the father figure in the Big House—and what is the Big House now but the government building? This looking up to the Big Man and the habit of women appealing directly to the Big Man over the heads of their lowly husbands, was stronger among African slaves than European slaves due to West Africa being a region of highly patriarchal Big Man societies.
This has caused a split in behavior among prime African American men—dudes with appeal that work and can make a life for themselves and a family.
The more handsome and lighter-skinned men typically try to breed up by seeking a white mate.
The stronger and darker skinned men tend to marry among their own and are heavily represented in cohesive, fringe aspects of the African American population, such as the Nation of Islam [which has ironically had light-skinned front men] the Afrikan Nationalists and Hoteps.
The big dynamic here on the demographic and political level and the personal level is that African American society is primarily, culturally, American, not African and maintains a Caucasian beauty standard. Lighter-skinned people ascend to political office at 10 times or better the rate than darker-skinned folk from the same population. This causes terrible tension between black men and black women, as the men feel like they are respected less than white men [for they generally are] and the women feel like they are desired less than white women [for they generally are.]This is further exasperated by the entertainment niche African Americans have traditionally held in the U.S. which goes black to the plantation era, when wealthy planters kept white slaves in the fields and black slaves in the house—which was largely a function of blacks being 3 to 100 times more expensive than whites. See Solomon Northup's Twelve Years a Slave for details on his entertainment function in the Big House. The result is a higher susceptibility to the American celebrity cult than the general population, again placing more self-image stress on the individual.
Of the many hundreds of black men and women I have worked and trained and socialized with I have found it amazingly easy to positively influence men and women, simply by recognizing that they labored under a social stress that I did not. All I had to do to relieve that stress was to treat the men as if they were strong—especially in front of their women—and to treat the women as if they were beautiful, even if they were not. Yes, this kind of charm may seem disingenuous in our celebrity society which only recognizes a person as attractive if very aspect of their appearance is attractive. Since I like big butts and wide smiles, I have no problem ignoring a black girl's short-comings and making her feel like White Daddy cares. This is made easier by the fact that black men will trust you more if you like black women.
The biggest problem I had as a grocery store manager was that, in the work place, black women have a nasty habbit of "throwing" black male coworkers "under the bus." I would have women of all types, good mothers, criminals, nasty sluts, seductive college girls try and get me to discipline balck male coworkers for them or in front of them, as this use of the liberal invalidation of the black man is so ingrained in our society as a workplace lever. This was easy to solve by talking to her like I was her daddy and him like I was his brother, and doing it separately as much as permitted by the circumstance.
Mason, women without men go nuts—karazzee! And the structure of American society has essentially emasculated black men as a social expedient for providing street level violence and Big House compliance. So, if you watch much you tube you will find many examples of beastly black women rampaging round and waxing foul, but this has not been my majority experience.
In my own personal experience I have found that by treating black men like they are strong, even if they are not [this is what you do as a coach with a new fighter] that you demonstrate to the black women that they are not going to be able to use you as a stick to beat their black male coworkers down with. If you also treat them with the same deference you would some smoking hot white chick they will feel like they are dealing with a guy that either has a black girl fetish [and they will game the shit out of that, brother] or a guy who is not "colorstruck" which is what you are shooting for. Mason, I'm not bragging when I say that most of the black women I've worked with pretty much fell for me either as a daddy figure or a hopeful sugar daddy and eventually the latter would come to accept that you aren't going to be spooning the brown sugar and they settle for just plain daddy.
Really, nothing is easier than winning over a black woman who is not drug-crazed or criminally insane. When Nero the Pict and I went into the truck rental place when I was moving, the sister behind the counter literally came out from behind it and began openly admiring me because I didn't ask for a bag to put my duct tape in, but just grabbed it while admiring her large breasts. I white chick would have been insulted. If I had told her to cancel her plans that night it would have been a date. It's not all that easy. You are dealing with a population of women, so there will be a number of intractably evil bitches just like with white women. But honestly, there is a lot of human currency to be gained by treating fairly with people who have been convinced they are inferior in terms of social standing and sex appeal. Women are mostly obsessed with their sex appeal, so never pretend that that is not a factor when dealing with them in a non-fraternizing environment.
My personal approach to black women is to blatantly admire their body or face, depending on where their strength is, as if I were Trump at a beauty pageant—and then, improve on that image by actually expressing an interest in what is between their ears. If they are not attractive at all, I move directly to open eye contact and civil pleasantries. Unlike white women, they won't argue with you for holding the door. For a white guy who is confident, black women are much easier to deal with than white women. White women know that every man and dyke on the planet wants to fuck them, which is what makes so many of them such insufferable bitches. Probably the biggest thing you have going for you as a white guy is that the media state has cultivated such a low expectation of behavior for you—white guys either hate everybody or are wimps or both—that all you have to do is treat fairly from a position of strength and the result will be a malleable shock which you can shape. Really, the way people of color are taught about white men by the media is that we are either rabid Nazis or cringing sissies.
Use that low expectation by standing it on its head.
There was this one, big, strong-shouldered, massively-breasted young chocolate kiss I worked with when I was a clerk who just fell in love with me for remembering her name and insisted on engulfing me with hugs when I showed up at work. When some big white boy I worked with insulted me, trying to pick a fight over something trivial, she turned on him and backed him off—I mean, she was busy hugging Jimmy—and put her arm around my shoulders [she was a six-footer], declaring herself my protector and said, "'cause Jimmy down with the niggas en da hos." You can't beat that kind of support in the workplace and I have been guilty of enjoying it elsewhere.
Good luck, sir.
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ShepSeptember 13, 2018 8:59 PM UTC

I initially agreed about the serviceability, but the more I look at that particular picture, the more I get an "uncanny valley" effect. Maybe I'm overreacting to The Current Year and seeing a tranny behind every bush (heh), but this Modern Scandinavian looks like she's got a little too much of both and not enough of neither, if you get my drift.
responds:September 13, 2018 5:10 PM UTC

Checked the picture again. I would not consummate until she lifts the chin so you can check for an Adam's apple.
ShepSeptember 12, 2018 8:45 PM UTC

Not really OT—
responds:September 13, 2018 1:22 AM UTC

The ebony babe looks quite serviceable to me, Shep.

Of course, as big Ron and I have noted during a recent scientific study of the Miss Universe pageant, beauty contests are now politicized in service to the cause of gender negation, and towards this end will be warping beauty standards. For instance, most black men would prefer the indigenous Finish girls who lost to this girl. It has probably been about 20 years since beauty pageants mirrored masculine tastes. Non-females will be winning female pageants within 10 years.