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Baltimore, Also French Heritage
Man Questions from a Podcast Listener
Hi Mr. Lafond, fan of your podcasts. Was wondering a couple things. Is your surname French-Canadian by any chance? I know some French Canadians have Acadian and others Quebecer heritage.
The other thing I Was wondering have you thought about leaving Baltimore? Your voice is very important and I worry you being in Baltimore long term may be too much of a risk to your safety. We need you to be in the world and speaking so your voice can be heard. Plus there is a lack of intellectuals of French heritage in The USA and people of French Canadian heritage have a unique perspective on the world. We have plenty of people who are brave in America, we need intellectuals sitting and talking about the world and sharing knowledge, shining a light to help others see clearly. We have enough physical culture in America, in America we hunger for the storytellers. God bless you and I hope you stay safe whatever you decide to do whether you decide to stay in Baltimore or leave Baltimore but I highly suggest you leave.
My Grandmother and Grandfather LaFond were both people of English genetics and French ownership, who met in Fall River MA. Grandma Alberta came to America as an infant in 1901. Her grandfather Roy had been sold as an orphan to French Canadian masters as had her husband's grandfather. The genetic LaFonds mostly migrated to the Mississippi watershed. I boxed one, named Mark in 2002, built like a Greek god.
The rest of my ancestry is old Maryland. The McQuaid's were shipped into Maryland as slaves in the 1600s, the Kirby's in the 1700s and the German Kerns came as free people in the 1870s. I seem to be 40% Irish, 40% English and 20% German, with LaFond just a slave name.
Patrick, thank you for your concern about my safety. I believe I have written about 300 pages over 8 years explaining to people why I remained in Baltimore. For a three year period, from late 2014 through late 2017, it was a conscious decision to study anarcho-tyranny first hand on its cutting edge. I quit working my night job in Baltimore County on 12/7/17 after being attacked twice that night on my way to work. I was just the last target left on the reparations recovery radar so was targeted for robbery or beatings 20 times in 2017.
This reduced my income from 10k to 3k, so that I moved away from my $400 a month rental in Baltimore City, to a temporary $200 dollar rental in Baltimore County. Then, when I began being censored with an obvious purpose to reduce my income by one of the largest corporations in human history, it became obvious that I would never make more than a pauper's living as a writer. Hence, I have given away most of my library and training gear, and am homeless and have not lived in or around Baltimore since July/7/2018. My residency will most likely be split between 6 states in 2018, unless the Nazgul locate me first.
I am glad you value my work, Patrick. As a man, writing is really all I have left.
Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16
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