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Message in a Piss-Filled Bottle
A Harm City Ghetto Grocer Update

“J, this place [Baltimore] has just gone off the chain. We had six main force shoplifters in the first two hours, just loading up carts and trying to bluff or fight their way out the front door past the manager and the cop. It’s just getting to be too much.

“The trend is away from Dove to Irish Spring for resale. Also, canned tuna, the big cans, that’s now the number one grocery item shoplifted. The new players in town are the Chinese merchants buying up the corner stores, then buying stolen goods, doubling the price and selling it. And some liberal is calling it a food desert.

“The absolute worst was one I had to be present for, because they had to search a female. This bitch had 20 cans of tuna, three eight-pound bags of shrimp, her steaks, her snacks, and get this, she had a five-pack of Irish Spring in her panties! I about died. Can you imagine? Thank God the temperature is down in the fifties!

“I don’t know how much longer I can do the ghetto. You might be out West, but this back here is the Wild West. I’m surrounded by savages and they don’t evolve, they go the other way.”

-Miss Ezz

My dear former coworker has done me a great favor, letting this crackpot know that while the Chinese are Buying up Western Canada and Africa—and you know the next anti-American administration is going to sell them these public lands I’ve been hiking on in the Rockies—that they are also making inroads into Harm City, buying out Koreans, Mexicans, Pakistanis and Indians and getting down with the graft.

More importantly though, in light of my research into Plantation America and Urban America, the new Irish Spring soap market in Ebony Amarika has finally solved a riddle for me. It’s now quite obvious why ebony Americans tend to be so dysfunctional—because their part Irish!

Below is a link to an article from Uncle Remus which was sent by two readers on the morning Miss Ezz called me about her urban woes. I thought she’d like it.

Thanks to Ishmael and WellRead Ed for the link.

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

Nice Day for a Funeral

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Sam J.September 15, 2018 12:35 AM UTC

"...six main force shoplifters in the first two hours..."

That's just crazy. If there ever is an EMP event that stops all law and order there's going to be a massive pile of Negro bodies all over the streets of the US. They've been getting away with the most outrageous things for so long they really don't have an idea of what would happen if there was no police to protect them. Maybe they know but I don't think it's internalized. They will start their standard mayhem and people will drop them like rabid dogs.
Sam J.September 14, 2018 11:48 PM UTC

"...this resentment of blacks by those of us who have suffered their hate-based violence, is similar to hating the gun or knife of the mugger..."

I get what you're saying here but I disagree. Blacks aren't tools nor are they guns or knives. They are people and have to be held accountable. If not then we should just make them slaves again, not that I wish that, and control them. They need to be controlled by any means possible. Blacks are perfectly capable of behaving in a decent manner if you forthrightly tell them they will be punished savagely if they get out of line and stick to it. This idea that Blacks can't control themselves is condescending. They may have a harder time doing so but they can.
BobSeptember 13, 2018 7:27 AM UTC

To be clear: My gripe wasn't directed at Mr. LaFond but at the sort of Uncle Remus polemic that I see at Amren, etc.. Views that don't contextualized the Black Question and serve purely as catharis. I want the cure, not the palliative! (White man's cure is also black man's, although that's not apparent to either).
responds:September 13, 2018 9:19 PM UTC

My problem with Am. Ren. and indeed with the Uncle Remus perspective, is that this resentment of blacks by those of us who have suffered their hate-based violence, is similar to hating the gun or knife of the mugger. In America blacks are largely the tools of the white elite, Christian, atheist and otherwise, who have systematically destroyed the African American family in order to provide fatherless foot soldiers to clear real estate.
BobSeptember 13, 2018 5:49 AM UTC

Yep, the fat lady only gets to sing after the fight.
BobSeptember 12, 2018 5:11 AM UTC

I recognize blacks for what they are but whites are perfectly able - as a group - to discipline errant behavior and without excessive cruelty, either. Were it not for legal, media and political power exercized by Jewish activist groups (not necessarily supported by individual Jews), this problem would be dealt with as in the past, by separation. Railing against blacks is confusing symptoms with cause. Farrakhan is hated for his anti-Jewish rhetoric but tolerated thanks to his anti-white stance. As (((Noel Ignatiev))) says, whiteness must be eliminated. Expect that policy go from de facto to de jure in our lifetimes.

"Jews, Blacks, and Race"

In S. Francis (Ed.), "Race and the American Prospect: Essays on the Racial Realities of Our Nation and Our Time." The Occidental Press, 2006.
responds:September 12, 2018 3:42 PM UTC

It doesn't bother me at al that me and my race are slated for extermination by the rulers of this evil world. I regard it as a vote of confidence that some of us are still human enough to be a worry to the system.