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Roosh Again

YouTube is limiting a access to his videos, Barnes and Noble has removed him and a few people with paperback copies of his latest book are making big bucks on eBay.

-Lynn Lockhart


Again, the primary objective is clearly to hurt the author. And, most people I know, agreed that I was censored with just cause because I wrote incorrectly. Every member of my family who cared enough to comment wondered what I had done to deserve this. A man who has been my friend for 25 years told me that the use of a term such as dindu in one work was sufficient to justify the censorship of all my work. The fact is, that Americans thirst to be brainwashed and to be fed only one monolithic opinion. Having alternative opinions to the sacred lie is very troubling to the domesticated human.

All editors that I have worked with, since 1996, save 1, have been women. That man left in 2006.

Most editors at major publishing houses and mainstream sites are women. Women do better in editing than in creation, which places the less creative gender in charge of the more creative gender's idea distribution.

As the mainstream publishers loose market share due to having women cockblocking content that men want to read, some of those women lose their jobs and end up migrating to other media platforms which have been servicing the very authors who have done an end-round their desk and gotten published anyway. It cannot be difficult for thought crime hunters to convince these mid-level gatekeepers to slam the gates shut on the free speech which is destroying the mass media monopolies they went to school to serve.

Women all have a need to worship and a craving for a master. Since modernity has rendered the mass of men so unattractive to those holding those needs, it has been easy for media and education to decouple that need from male-female interaction and vest it in slavery to a system.

Men tend to be poor servents for mass systems, with women more compliant and eager to supress speach and punish dissenting behavior, which are two functions of mothering. This is the beauty behind a system based on encouraging women not to reproduce—their mothering energies will serve the system towards the sacred end of destroying humanity. The destruction of humanity begins with the destruction of identity, therefore gender and racial idenities will be targeted along with personal identity. The effectiveness of this method against dissenting thinkers in the U.S. is enhanced by the propensity of racially/culturally identified men to discount the value of individual identity and of individualists to discount the value of racial/cultural identity.

When our masters determined that only the elite would be able to maintain individual or gender identity, women were selected as the gender that could be counted on to invalidate the other gender. Once manhood has been outlawed—and it will, with the corporations who will control human reproduction 50 years from now only authorizing limited military and entertainment applications for males—then women will be eradicated and replaced by gender-neutral bio-bots. This has been in process for some time and will continue if modernity survives.

My prediction is that the last authorized, organic birth of a Caucasian human will be around 2080, with all autonomous breeders finally eradicated by 2130. It will take some time to achieve global sterilization of autonomous humans, but it is the SYSTEM goal. The corporate elite will be birthing designer humans independent of sexual union within 20-30 years.

My opinion is that any race of which the majority of its members abide by severe self-hatred and believe that human reproduction is a sin, deserves to be liquidated and probably will.

This isn't about assholes like Roosh and me and Jones be economically executed for thought crimes. It is about eradicating organic humans, which is necessary if one is to abolish free will. This sick SYSTEM will not rest until thought contrary to its expansion is made impossible.

Transhumanists, anti-natalists, libertarians, conservatives, liberals all of these groups of people serve the SYSTEM's driving desire, to erase humanity.

It is no accident that one of the first people to be comprehensibly dismantled wrote and published a book celebrating free speech and primarily wrote about finding methods to come to together with the opposite sex. A man who writes about achieving sexual union in a world that wishes to eradicate gender by first fracturing the concept, and writes about free speech in a world structured and dedicated to a single monolithic opinion, can expect nothing else than erasure.

Dying alone in poverty in such a world will be for me an honor.

Under the God of Things

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KoanicSeptember 18, 2018 3:08 PM UTC

I'm sure you can process payments through Stripe. They would not decline service.

Vox would have no problems with you ideologically, however I don't think you sell enough copies to interest his publishing house.
responds:September 18, 2018 10:01 PM UTC

Thanks for the heads up, here.

This is very useful.
Sam J.September 14, 2018 11:07 PM UTC

I’ve been carrying on about the threat of AI and people have poo-pooed the whole thing as a figment of my imagination. My observation is how fast a lot of little task keep being swallowed up by AI's that people say computers will never do or if they do it will be in some far off future. Nope. People don’t seem to believe that computers can exhibit any in any sort of intelligence in any time frame that matters. Well there’s been a big break through. What they’ve done is to get rid of complicated rules and move everything to a YES-NO binary type computing decision for neural networks. Not that I understand all of this but I do understand that they are generally moving to an algorithm, [ algorithm essentially means a math formula or way to compute something]. to be more suited for computers. I get the general idea but the implementation somewhat defeats me. They are doing amazing things with computers that are low powered as smart phones or even less. Sometimes things like this have BIG effects. Someone finds a way to do things that others just missed. I believe it will ramp up AI to be in all sorts of products. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it’s not as precise. The advantage being it’s stunningly fast. I’ll bet they could use the fast techniques to generalize then use more precise and accurate to nail down things.

Look at this video. You really should see this. It’s astounding what they are doing with extremely low power devices and cell phones. I have no idea how they do this with a raspberry Pi single board computer, [cost of computer only $5]. It doesn’t seem possible. Think what they could do with more power. Even a cheap desktop computer is way faster than that cheap $5 computer. I just want to stress how miraculous this is. For decades people have been saying that computers would never be able to discriminate people from other things or to recognize things and here you see for yourself they are doing it.

I’m with Musk on this. People think these smart computers will just do our bidding but I think there’s a very high probability that something smarter than us will NOT do our bidding but it’s own. The propensity for abuse by governments and other people is very large. Think about a drone with a raspberry Pi driving it locked to a persons image. Yikes. Of course when this happens they will not just blame the person that did this they will go after all of our rights. Sigh…
Bryce SharperSeptember 14, 2018 1:36 AM UTC

Jeff Bezos actually took his wife's last name when he married!!! He was born Jeff Jorgenson. Looks like being a ten-billionaire still can't buy you game or alpha status. Mark Zuckercuck has also been photographed walking behind his wife and carrying her purse.

There are some interesting comments on Roosh's website:

Amazon is becoming a shitty sales channel, period. It's loaded with fake goods

and is now being censored by blue-haired cat ladies such as are found in Seattle (epicenter of emasculation).

If Vox Day won't publish your books, and since he uses Amazon as his distribution channel, follow Roosh's lead when he figures something out. He's a very tech-savvy guy and Middle-Eastern (Persian). Persians tend to stick together and help each other out, so maybe a rich and powerful one will help him and he'll help you.

There are other print-on-demand options out there and you can use UPS or some other freight service for order fulfillment. We can find some alt-right software engineers to write the shopping cart back-end for this website. I feel like we need to have a conference call.

Also, what Boswald said. Read Scott Locklin on AI. Let's not get into this again.
responds:September 14, 2018 4:45 AM UTC

Thanks for the AI reference. Don't know anything about it and only think it is of significance because those interested in transhumanism and AI will go along with corporate control of human reproduction.

We actually have a three step plan for further dispersing my content.

The first step is to switch from kindle and just thank donating readers with the pdf of their choice.

If I have to I'll give all my books away, 1 to each reader to publish on their own. Already, 20% of my books pay others, not me.

The only thing that matters is keeping the content out there. I long ago [8 years] already committed to poverty as an entry to this process.

Have reached out to Roosh and he's not interested, nor will Vox be. Writers, thinkers and personalities on the political Right regard me as a toxin, as they should.

If they managed to get their own compliance hive up and running I'd write against that too.
Boswald BollocksworthSeptember 13, 2018 3:53 PM UTC

Transhumanism is what you get when your understanding of reality is limited to the material. Under that framework, the human is merely a biological robot, so the logical next step is to upgrade the robot.

Those of us who think there’s more than visible material reality, and that this material reality is governed by an eternal God-given logic, would say the transhumanist thing won’t work. I mean, I don’t know for sure it won’t work, but I find the idea that man can master biology enough to make anything more than a sexless freak to be dubious. They can make abominations, sure, but will they be viable long term? Doubtful imho, AI technology isn’t why it’s made out to be. That said, the human farming aspect sure is ramping up. The extent to which they’ve infantilized us is almost impossible to believe. I still find it remarkable that grown-ass men are obsessed with Star Wars and these superhero movies. Just two decades ago that shit was for the lowest rung middle school nerds, now I see it everywhere, on cars, t shirts. Trying to figure out how nerd fandom fits into Revelation...have a feeling it might. I’m hopeful tho, the local boxing workout gyms are filled with pretty young women who want to see men hit things, that’s logical, that’s what works.
responds:September 13, 2018 9:15 PM UTC

I see transhumanism as a much longer term threat than genetically engineering humans, which will be done gradually, with most people buying into eradication of disease, the dangers of pregnancy, etc. In the near term, I see the growing acceptance of transhumanism buy atheistic people as a sign that they will accept full blown corporate control of human generation.

I think our best hope is that the female desire for masculine companionship has been underestimated by the slave masters who seek to set up their own puppet God.