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Downtown Charlie Brown
Filthiest of the Filthy Few

You might be surprised that a crackpot heathen who has had four books banned by Amazon, has decency standards, but he does. The writing I post on those site may be read by anyone, including good people who fear a God that my gods laugh at. I originally proposed to Sam Finlay that I would write all of the intro character scenes to the filthy few, and, for my main reprobate, the guy who would type closest to irredeemable, I queried WellRead Ed about Detroit geography and even located the perfect place for the scene.

There is a certain median strip where jurisdiction between city and county are in dispute, hence, Beaker, son of a 1970s gangbanger’s and old lady and his defense attorney, who, for some un-specified reason possessed a prominent nose which was inherited by his milk chocolate progeny, and two other ghetto worthies camp out and drink Steel Reserve “mawt licka.”

Then comes the rumble of a chopper and the three homeless dudes on the median see that Downtown Charlie Brown is cruising up the way and bound to stop for a drink. Downtown Charlie Brown is an independent biker who runs meth to Detroit gangs and, as a past time, rapes black men in vacant houses, a charge which, when Beaker’s friends relate it to him, causes that scion of criminality to respond, “Nigga, please!”

The resulting encounter is too disgusting for me to relate online, so is being held back for the novel... to be published in time for election eve 2019…

Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16

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