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Censorship Under the Left
How Bad Will It be Once They Take Total Control? A Man Question from Ishmael
Let’s keep in mind that censorship hit an all-time American high when THEY lost total control.
Who is THEY?
Everybody involved in the government and sanctioned media, except for their “Turd of Misery” the man who stole a rigged election with the help of uncensored internet geeks, is THEY.
The current round of censorship is preparation for the next presidential election, an event I will write nothing about, will approve no comments about.
Trump is the first and last freely elected American President. He may be able to hang in there for a second term, but don’t expect THE System to ever screw up like that again. There will never again be another freely elected American President. Never again will a majority of people have aspects of the truth within their reach. The long curtain of night descends when he exits stage Right.
Private Censorship In the Near Future
Any blogger promoting a populist or Rightest president will be deplatformed.
Any blogger opposing or criticizing The System and it functionaries will be deplatformed.
Any blogger not working for a Leftist NGO, who claims to be reporting news, will either be deplatformed or arrested for “Unlicensed Journalism.”
This is why I will only write history, combat and fiction in the future. The masculinity stuff will all be found in the fiction, as it will become taboo to even use the term masculinity.
Government Censorship in the Near Future
For the most part this will be outsourced to NGOs and information and social media companies. However, I see the following occurring in the order they are listed.
U.S. Intelligence agencies will begin doxing dissidents, so that organizations such as Antifa, BLM and the SPLC will be able to organize economic lynchings, eventually leading to actual physical lynchings. For this reason I will not be keeping a fixed address. Even being a horror writer in the near future will be deadly.
Law Enforcement will begin framing dissident thinkers as criminals, pinning some of their own mass murders on thought criminals. They have been unable to shake Trump from his course by slaughtering concert goers and school children in masse. However, since most Americans believe that the school shootings and large venue slaughters are perpetrated by lone white madmen, not law enforcement and intelligence operatives, these events will continue, but be used to justify liquidation of thought criminals rather than deposing the Man from Awesome.
Eventually, the U.S. Constitution will be corrected, in order to insure two terrible evils are redressed:
-Non-military or non-government people shall not be permitted to be armed.
-Only federally licensed journalists will be permitted to report news via any media, other than face-to-face conversation.
Under the God of Things
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ShepSeptember 18, 2018 10:40 PM UTC

Presented purely as an intellectual exercise:
BobSeptember 18, 2018 1:19 AM UTC

This is my take: Trump's brief is to help his Likud supporters and their Eretz Israel project. To do so requires that the military remain strong and supported by a majority of white taxpayers and that the country remain governable. This, of course, is anethema to the end-whiteness partisans infesting all layers of government and media.

Trump buys whites a stay of execution to wage war against Syria or Iran. Kulakization will fall to the next Democrat administration. The Final Solution, à la Noel Ignatiev.

The good thing is nothing is written in stone. History is ours to write. The best laid plans of mice and men.
nealSeptember 17, 2018 8:22 PM UTC

One thing the secret societies agree upon is managed breeding and managed trauma. Even the new ones pretending to be the old ones, and vice versa.

Think of the end of Time Bandits, with more cryptoids.

Hell that sounds like old school .

Like your father got the fever in orbit.
Alfred CowperthwaitSeptember 17, 2018 3:15 PM UTC

I figure it really depends on who is behind Trump. If he really has big hitters in the military, people who stopped Crooked Hillary from rigging the vote in PA and other rust belt states, then we could be looking at President Rand Paul and continued non Gulag existence. If not, well just imagine how much fun a FEMA camp could be! Get to hang out with cool people all day, sure they will torture us and run medical experiments, but there’s no substitute for friendship.
responds:September 17, 2018 11:18 AM UTC

No that is the way to be positive!