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'Sun Spotting'
Solar Observatory Mysteriously Reopens After Investigation by Paul Seaburn

I'm not following news, but when it comes to the sun, the primary driver of earth's climate, I'm not averse to passing on updates.

Thanks to Shep for the update to: Sunspots Vanishing

It occurs that anyone involved in solar observations and climate change research which does not support the 200% to 600% inaccurate man-made greenhouse gas climate models, is a heretic and might be persecuted. After all, living in a world dedicated to the worship of man as a collective God and the manmade domestication matrix as the Garden of Eden, any suggestion that the tiny disk of the sun effects climate more than our giant fires must be punished.

"The FBI and the Blackhawk helicopters are gone and the employees of the Sunspot Solar Observatory on Sacramento Peak in New Mexico are slowly coming back after the facility was mysteriously evacuated and closed on September 6th without explanation, causing rumors and conspiracy theories of all sizes and flavors to flourish. While the reason given for the closure seems to make sense in hindsight, the stress it caused local residents (some of whom were also evacuated) and law enforcement officials makes many wonder if it wasn’t overkill … or if there’s still some things they’re not being told."

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ShepSeptember 21, 2018 5:08 AM UTC

It's all much clearer now: The latest official explanation is that a laptop in the observatory contained—wait for it—child porn. The suspect was a janitor at the facility. So this posed an imminent threat to the physical safety of all employees, as well as employees at the local post office.

This, of course, necessitated a strike team insertion by helo and an 11-day evacuation of the premises, while local police were completely excluded from the process.

The most dubious explanation of an anomalous event since Vegas.
responds:September 24, 2018 12:34 AM UTC

Thanks for the follow up, Shep.
ShepSeptember 19, 2018 9:01 PM UTC

Local Constable ain't havin' none of it:

IMHO, he should carefully inspect his car before he leaves to work in the morning. Probably a good idea not to go weightlifting alone at odd hours, either.
responds:September 20, 2018 1:19 AM UTC

Man has balls.