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Guerilla Masculinity
Enduring the Wages of Modernity and Resisting Evil
As men, we live in world where the majority of our fellows effectively worship Evil; they suck Satan’s dick, eat Devil shit and bend over for Lucifer’s Hammer and yet belly ache that “life is not fair,” as if it should be, given the vile deity to which they devote their acts, bend their morality and twist the most obvious facts.
In a world where the path of least resistance is to embrace the death of the human spirit and the triumph of materialism, the greatest struggles are remaining human and remaining a man. In this, my last book on masculinity and society, a course of inquiry which must be abandoned by September of 2019, lest I be persecuted as a thought criminal, I shall be recording the plight of free-thinking men in the erasure matrix known as Modernity, the most toxic configuration yet assumed by the vile forces of Civilization. As of the autumn of 2019, any writer entertaining such thoughts will be placed on a liquidation watch. By such time I intend to limit my examination of the human condition to ancient history, myth and fiction, courses of inquiry which the systemized human cannot fathom.
In the meantime please count this effort as a gathering together of dissident threads, a book not meant for men of our time, but of a time yet to dawn. Central to this exploration will be a series of impressions gleaned from a reading of the 20th and 21st centuries’ greatest prophet and thinker, a man unnamed in this online post, a man framed and defamed by Mammon’s soulless hosts.
What shall follow are the lessons and reflections of the writing year ending 6/1/2019.
I currently have 19 articles written for this book, so expect regular installments, although the impressions of T-Jay’s prophetic revelations will mostly be held back for the print edition.
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
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