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'A Clean Gypsy Man Standup Fight'
Gypsy Fight 2013 smith v mason

Both men have taped hands so we might expect that they are involved in legit prize fighting as well.

2:36: the larger man begins to score with a hook which is not turned over yet so he aborts it as a half-cuff instead of driving through and crunching his fingers at the first and second joint.

I suspect the bald man of being an MMA fighter and he is extremely tough and conditioned, being less shy of the fist and eating a good short right on the chin at 4:58. The taller man would have been well-served by a rising jab, up jab, sneaky jab and safety jab.

After being poorly served by sloppy left hooks against the entry of his opponent, the taller man stops a short chopping hook on the man's shoulder and neck and achieves head control at 6:42. His lack of jab variety then curses him to meet the onslaught of the angered opponent and he proves that he too can take his man's punches to the button. With a sharp, varied jab the taller man takes this, provided he has the conditioning to outlast the pressure fighter.

After being poorly served by his plunging power jab and swinging left hook, the tall man puts the brakes on the pressure fighter with two corkscrew "Chicago" style hooks, which, for karate guys approximates a ridge-hand. This fighter is a mix of sloppy basics and crafty veteran tactics.

At 11:00 with his man standing in front and cycling his left hand down, the pressure fighter scores a hard righthand to the jab. Ideally this would be capitalized on by a slap from the left to the forehead to expose the ear and then sinking a chopping right into the side of the head for a finish. A good chin.

Good power action follows with the heavy soil footing telling on the fighters legs. The excellent straight right lead by the tall man is also not followed up on.

These are well schooled guys, so my bet is they are not finishing with hooks after a lead right hand because the footing is sapping their legs. Pass hooks take a lot of leg. The fight becomes question of conditioning, in which the talker man's commitment to power cut-off hooks dooms him in the face of a more conditioned man.

An ugly draw with eventual simian reconciliation.

The Punishing Art

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John Paul BarberSeptember 20, 2018 4:32 AM UTC

I should’ve known you’d already read it. Enjoy that meal.
John Paul BarberSeptember 20, 2018 3:25 AM UTC


I'm reading this book now, the memoirs of Bartley Gorman, The King Of The Gypsies. He was a long reigning Irish traveller bareknuckle champ in Ireland and the UK. Its an absolutely fascinating read. He even talks about the Fury family.

Thunderbird came in the mail last week and I plan on starting it after I finish the gypsy book. Skip a meal and use some of that money you just made off of me and order this book. I see a used copy there for $3.64.
responds:September 20, 2018 3:46 AM UTC

Thanks for the book link.

I read this book in the hardback version in 2003 when I was homeless for a short stretch and left the copy with Duz, who gave me a room to stay in his house. This was a great story, especially that he didn't just focus on his own story but also his family and associates.