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Crackpot Mailbox
Adapting to Social Maladaption

The logistics of syncing 19th Century travel with 21st Century communications, finds me with a full email box. Amongst these are queries, from the readers who have been so supportive of these odd antisocial endeavors.

What to do?

No, Oh reader, that between the fall of America and the rise of the Sons of Arrogance, that their dreamed a fool, who when he wiped away the drool and awakened from a world of low adventure, considered your query a veritable Gordian Knot...

Yes, and although he then rolled over and snored...

So, when I get into a temporary residence after some travel and have access to a wify hookup, all my writing and posting will go to addressing reader obcerns.

I appreciate your report.

James, 9/24/18

Masculine Thought Crimes

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