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Scrapyard Vikings
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist

We had a few murders over the last few weeks.

But its all your inner city scum, your shitlibs, your mutts, your kevins that hang around the same unsavory places that their murderers hang around.

Its not these guys

I'm about to pick up swordfighting again. Found a few battered shields among my stuff that I can pimp up again and then it is it. Could send you some pics if you are interested.

-Teutonic Fist


Mixing it up like this will be a great augment to your boxing activities. Please send some pics of this manly activity and let me know if Lynn and I could use some for the podcast slides or book illos.

As for the video below, this brought back memories of duking it out with Chuck Goetz in the late 1990s on the asphalt. Please note how much safer dull steel is than sticks as long as you have a face mask on. The fear of dull spring steel among historical fencers of the 1990s is thankfully gone, at least in your neck of the hairy woods.

Technical comments:

Shield use should include edge of shield punch and check with this design.

The saber fighting, which is my favorite in this video, would be greatly enhanced by shifting. These fighters are still using boxing footwork with their weapons. From my experience, adding stick-fighting footwork to the blade is going to triple your effectiveness with any blade and especially make you a ghost with the longer blade.

Thanks for the Teutonic Update.

Combat—A Fighter's View

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Bryce SharperSeptember 26, 2018 6:04 AM UTC

This was a brootal Teutonic Update
Adam SwinderSeptember 25, 2018 2:32 AM UTC

Holy hell, that sword cut to the arm at 5:32 in the video is absolutely gnarly. That guy definitely had to have a cracked ulna after that.
responds:September 24, 2018 11:11 PM UTC

And they are wrestling on pavement!