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The Mighty Khan!
Crackpot Podcast 44

In this very special episode of the Crackpot Podcast, James sacrifices his liver enzymes to summon the Khan from his dank resting place on the windy steppe. During Lynn's first conversation with the Mighty and Ancient ruler, several reader questions were answered, unfortunately, Lynn has pretty much no idea who submitted the questions. If it was you, thank you very much! Submit more questions in the comments and we'll try to do it again.

02:06 Question from Henry on Masculine Axis, temporary families, debt slavery

09:00 Destruction of the family in Plantation America

14:15 Native American families

17:00 How to summon the Khan

17:52 The Violence Project, evolution of violence in Baltimore

25:45 Feeling alive

27:40 The Khan stirs in his barrow mound grave

28:30 Alex Jones de-platformed

32:30 Smartass of Mars

34:30 NYT editorial board member (the Korean gal)

37:45 The Khan struggles to understand monogamy

38:22 First reader question for the Khan - Work

42:30 Second reader question - Social life

44:56 Third reader question - Wenches

50:36 Lynn's question for the Khan

54:57 Final question for the Khan - Be a patriarch!

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Sam J.October 4, 2018 3:17 AM UTC

"...they faked the moon landings..."

No, no, no, the Moon landing was real. I've seen a whole lot of the "Moon landing was fake" videos and articles and they're all stupid. Every single thing they say couldn't be true can be easily proven to be true and to have happened. Just because I believe in conspiracies doesn't mean I believe all of them. There's a whole army of people trotting out fake conspiracies to confuse people about the real ones. The Jews are now trying to convince people that it was not White people that made the Moon landing possible.
responds:October 4, 2018 6:45 PM UTC

Yet, according to all governments and corporations and most science fiction writers, we are not yet capable of putting a man on the moon?

To me, the proof is that we still can't do it.
Sam J.October 3, 2018 2:46 PM UTC

"The stormy seas, the rivers the marshes that suck you under..." HAHAHA I enjoyed that.
Sam J.October 3, 2018 8:57 AM UTC

All this talk about stealing children sounds SO MUCH like what the deep state is doing now. They are importing all these children and it appears they are using them for abuse and possibly sacrifice. How much you want to bet it's the same damn people.

All, I think, of the old Roman families that ruled Rome are...gone, destroyed.

One thing that I worry about James is that you and others will get in their minds that somehow this is some trait of evil that is tied to Whites. Other races have just as heinous if not worse practices.

I've watched a fairly decent amount of Alex Jones. Here's my take on him. He's actually a comedian called Bill Hicks. He, Bill Hicks, supposedly died. Now the real Alex Jones, look this up there's video, went...I have no idea where he went, but the guy who looks JUST LIKE Bill Hicks took over Alex Jones conservative radio show. Now I know this sounds like the most mad, hair brained thing that you have ever heard of in your life but if you look at videos of all these people you will see. Listen to the rants of Bill Hicks's Alex Jones. I defy anyone to not see this. Look at this video and see for yourself. [There is some other videos that show him ranting as Bill Hicks like Alex Jones]

This also explains why Joe Rogan seems to know so much about him. He knew him as a comedian.

Now I do believe this but I also believe that while Alex Jones played his part his conscience got to him. He realized how scummy these people are. He had a Jewish wife who is no longer with him. I think he, while playing the same crazy conspiracy theory maniac, has actually started pushing, where ever he can...the truth. Thus is why they are getting rid of him. He's running off the reservation, all the while telling his masters that he's only doing as they asked.

Especially look at the real Alex Jones that was replaced by Bill Hicks and became him. Does he in any way look like the present Alex Jones??? NO. See 8:21 in the above linked video.
responds:October 3, 2018 3:43 PM UTC

I believe you, Sam.

And I have finally decided, after seeing the First Man trailer, that they faked the moon landings.
Sam J.October 3, 2018 7:58 AM UTC

When you talk about the constant moving of people around it triggers me. I've had a lot of arguments about this. I found that a lot of Northern or Catholic type people dismiss my aberration at this state of affairs by saying."Well I just won't live with Negros or in bad neighborhoods." I can never get them nailed down as to what they will do when they get older and can't get up the money to move. When they have some sort of financial crisis, sickness or whatever that they have no control over what exactly will they do? They seem to just want to bury their heads in the sand about the whole thing. Now to me this is madness as I've always lived in the South around a great mass of Negros and...well you have to find some way to get along. The problem is inevitable and the whole country as you said will become the same. There's no escape IF we continue the path we are on now.

If you were the chief asshole in charge James what would you do about this? What steps, other than mass murder and guys riding around with sheets and nooses, would you take???
GooseSeptember 28, 2018 3:51 PM UTC

Oh the Great Khan! I'm summoning your spirit with a question that is carried to your Kurgan by this fine mare and her foal. This mare's milk gives the thickest, the smelliest koumiss in the whole steppe around Tanais. She is from the blood line that has been in our family for generations. Now she is yours.

Since I was a young boy playing with painted bones from sheep's feet, I was mystified by something I've been observing.

Why some bahadurs produce lines counting many kings, to whose names people add "The Great", and yet many of equally great warriors only remain as a lone kurgan, like our last king?

The dust receiving the painted sheep bones has much wisdom. It has footprints of many great bahadurs. It saw the King of Kings who could not poison himself when he needed to. It carried a khan who fought at what northmen call 'Grunwald'. But even it could not teach me.

Unable to find the answer on my own, I asked my Aunts. "He shouldn't have taken that slave girl of a vanquished blood line to be the wife of his children" they said.

I asked my Father, and he said "He should have produced more sons to pick the finest from".

I asked my Uncles; they said: "Serai life makes princes' hearts rot. He should have led our horde in war against more enemies, so the boys would turn into hard men".

Who is right, who to believe?

The wind was picking up again. I threw the painted bones one last time. I heard a whisper: "...only the Great Khan knows...". Or was it the rustling of the grass against the bone?

I turned, ran toward home, leaving the sheep bones where they fell. Let the steppe reclaim its own.
responds:September 28, 2018 3:58 PM UTC

This is such an awesome question, and such a responsibility, that I may not attempt to summon the Khan to answer it until I consult with my Shaman, Big Ron, under the Raven's Roof, this very sundown!