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Crackpot Mailbox: Jakob the Apostate

Afternoon, James. I hope all is well. I am eager to discuss some things with you.

Last night I was reading about Alan Turing. The guy was as important to the victory of WWII as Patton, Churchill, and about 20 million dead pinkos, and what did he get for his service? A chemical castration by his government. Which lead to his suicide. I am libertarian in nature, and what consenting adults do behind closed doors is none my fucking business, let alone the State's. The dude is important to the modern world as much as Tesla and Einstein. Also speaking of Patton, "they" killed that guy right? He was a goddamn bulldog off his leash with tons of military support. Some speculate that since he was first into Germany he saw some things the Nazis were working on, and needed to go. Operation Paperclip for fucks sake.

Sorry if my writing is nonsensical. I didn't sleep much last night.

Also I wanted to ask you about working on the heavy bag. I can throw punches Southpaw and "Normal." Is there any advantage to being able to switch back and forth, and when is it advantageous?

Anyway, again I hope you are fairing well and I look forward to discussing unpopular opinions, conspiracy, and social constructs and what not. Cheers.


Jakob, thanks for giving me a hostorical charcter to look up. I know nothing of Turing.

The U.S. government was behind Patton's murder. I think it was because the Cold War was simply an Orwellian scheme from the America perspective, although the unsustainable Soviet Union was playing hopelessly for keeps. The Myth of the 20th Century have an episode that looks at Patton's death, which is well worth listening to.

As for changing leads in boxing, I will address the subject from first a boxing perspective, then conditioning, then self-defense.


-Switch-hitting in training helps you teach one side of the body with the other. We tend to learn technique more precisely with our weaker, off hand, so switching back and forth can help you reexamine your technique.

-Learning how to box southpaw by doing it, helps the orthodox fighter understand his southpaw opponent internally.

-As a boxer, one wants to be able to switch leads in case he has been injured to his lead eye, lead hand or ribs.

-As an overmatched boxer, switching leads can help stave off disaster or hasten it, depending on who is beating your ass.

-As a boxer meeting with success, switching up can be used to hunt down a fighter passing your rear hand, by switching leads, done best by Marvin Haggler.


Switching leads is important to push your work rate up for your legs and heart after your lead hand has fatigued to the point where you can no longer maintain your handspan lead.


-One should be versed in fighting from both leads because he may be attacked from both sides at the same time.

-Fighting from either side is also important as you might have to defend inside, for instance in a bathroom with no way to turn.

-Your default self-defense guard should be a right hand lead, whether you are left or right handed, because you have to keep your heart, spleen and left lung away from the knife that may well be in the attacker's right hand. There have been less than 3 knife attacks with the left hand out of approximately 350 knife aggressions I have looked into over 22 years.

-Virtually all sucker punches and armed blunt force attacks come from the opponent's right, meaning your left. Leading with your right and stepping right keeps your brain off his power line.

-Practice moving right and throwing the rear hand left down the middle and then hooking or checking or jabbing inward with the lead, turning him. The bag is great for practicing turning your opponent as you pivot around and push inward at his shoulder or hip.

The Punishing Art

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ShepSeptember 25, 2018 8:53 AM UTC

Ann OSS agent named Douglas Bazata confessed to the crime on several occasions, including once at a fancy dinner for CIA/OSS veterans.