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Wyoming Horseman in Kyrgyzstan
Jeremy & James Discuss Masculine Cultural Revival
As the globalist hive buzzes with ever more homogeneity, the natural urge of intact—and even psychologically maimed men—to invent and reinvent modes of masculine expressions, continues to vex those who would erase us. Below is some commentary by my friend Jeremy Bentham, followed by some quotes from the article by Neil Mac Farquhar which somehow found its way into the evil media web.
In this article is implicit the reason why atheistic globalism and Islam have been such close if bloody bedfellows, that both are universalist systems of cultural negation. The clerics of Saudi Arabia fan out to destroy world culture and impose their anti-culture in a very similar fashion to the clerics of the American University System, who seek to negate all notions of distinction, cultural, racial, gender, merit in order to produce a flock of the lesser mind.
Of course, just like settling the solar system and journeying to the stars are goals condemned by those who would farm people instead, there are complaints about how the money for cultural expression might have been better spent feeding the doomed progeny of our weakest folk. Thus it will continue until we are erased or the system is destroyed, because the system is the genie that got out of the bottle and will not go quietly into the night and cannot breathe a word untinged with bitter spite.
Another blow against globalist cultural negation.
Something to gladden the mighty Khan’s heart for certain. His descendants are endeavoring to maintain their nomadic traditions and connections to their glorious warrior past. They are even pushing back against Islamic cultural negation, which is just as virulent as the Cultural Marxist form (AKA Political Correctness).
I expect the Hungarian contingent to be strong in the horse archery events. They have had Magyar horse archery reenactment groups active for better than 20 years now.
Horseback Wrestling. Bone Tossing. Dead Goat Polo. Let the Nomad Games Begin!
With archers, horses and headless goat carcasses, the World Nomad Games are an effort to revive nomadic traditions from Central Asia and around the world.
“We want to revive our historical identity,” said Kanat Amankulov, Kyrgyzstan’s minister for youth and sports.
“The Games also seek to create a kind of Brand Kyrgyzstan, attracting tourists to an impoverished, landlocked, predominantly Muslim nation of about six million people.
“The emphasis on nomadic traditions casts Kyrgyzstan as part of a grander Turkic civilization, and perhaps equally important, helps counter the growing strength here of the intolerant Wahhabi strain of Islam imported by clerics educated in Saudi Arabia.
“In a globalized world, people forget their cultures, what sets them apart,” said Mr. Subanov, the visiting accountant. “It is more interesting to live in a world with different nations, different cultures. It would not be good for the whole world to become New York.”
“The United States fielded more than 50 participants, many of them Peace Corps volunteers working in Kyrgyzstan. The American kok-boru team, some waving their own cowboy hats, brandished the flag of Wyoming, home to 8 of 10 players.”
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
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BanjoSeptember 27, 2018 1:08 PM UTC

Whoops, forgot to sign the last comment with the link. Hope that doesn't matter. -Take care
AnonymousSeptember 27, 2018 1:06 PM UTC

The link isn't working. This appears to be a direct link. Looks like fun! Contrast the 17 different wrestling events in the Nomad Games with the Olympics considering eliminating Greco and Freestyle Wrestling. Probably nary a ping pong match, trampoline competition nor a synchronized swimming event in sight.