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Teamsters on Myth of the 20th Century!
The Teamsters – Driving Sideways in an age of Disorganized Labor

This past summer Mike, Ishmael and I goonishly awaited the landing of two large-brained young men at a sacred Indian place of big medicine. Once their outlandish whirly-gig touched down, it transpired that one of these dissident right researchers was none other than Adam Smith, who looks exactly like Agent Moulder from the X-files. The other was a brilliant thinker who just happens to be one of the seven escaped clones of Yule Brynner—few people being privy, until now, that Yule Brynner was a GenTech Deep State MK-Ultra platform built with Nazi assistance. Once both parties breathed a sigh of relief that the other were not Federal Agents, we got to know each other a bit, and below is one of the unpredicted results of the white trash meets wonder boy encounter...

Had your buddy on our latest - thanks for the introduction and we mentioned a couple of your books

-Adam Smith

The Teamsters – Driving Sideways in an age of Disorganized Labor

Jack Welch once said that “a union is only needed when the manager is a horse’s ass.” But what happens when the union is led by one? In the case of the Teamsters, home to over one million transport…

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John Paul BarberSeptember 29, 2018 3:04 AM UTC

Great episode with a great guest! Whoever this Mike guy is, he should be on podacasts more often. And what a fitting song choice for the outro. Hagar is the man!
responds:September 29, 2018 2:39 PM UTC

Mike is my friend Tony Cox and he is up next on the crackpot podcast.