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Paladin vs Erique
Steel Duel Man weekend 2018

The black machete Erique is using is a cold steel double edged machete.

Once the men put down the sticks and pick up steel it is clear to see how much more important the footwork work rate is in sparring than the stroking rate, as throwing too many strokes with a blade just gets you cut on the arm or hand. Engaging in such contests also hones sensitivity.

When men set down sticks and pick up blades for the first time the tendencies are:

-Extending weapon hand

-Stroking from too far away

-Less dynamic foot work

-More Circling

These tendencies are lessoned with experience and with shields, as exemplified by The Paladin Viking bout 1 back in the Lancaster Agonistics viewing list.

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BobSeptember 28, 2018 5:31 AM UTC

Sword clangs that put DreamWorks to shame. Good stuff.