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The Best of the Bogus Contact Information we Expect at
Just had to post this.
We’ve had quite a few bogus emails posted on our comment board, some with quite the flare, but not one this appropriate.
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guestSeptember 30, 2018 3:36 PM UTC

Question: Are illegal aliens a cheaper workforce than slaves were?

I would wager that pound for pound they are, i mean there's no acquisition cost, no legal liability or guardianship, it's the best of both worlds! There's no workers' compensation either, when illegals get hurt, they just disappear back into the desert mist.
responds:September 30, 2018 1:30 PM UTC


I will post this as an article at some point.

Lothrop Stoddard documented elite attempts to import masses of Chinese as a cheaper workforce in the late 1800s. Indeed, the turning away from chattel to wage labor was a means of reducing labor costs as no one had to buy or feed them. essentially, the purchase price of a permanent slave alone surpassed what one had to pay in wages for the productive labor of a time slave, who were 10 times cheaper [I prove this in So His Master May Have Him Again] than a permanently owned slave, who, for the compassionate master, held the extra expense of retirement.

I have interviewed a construction worker who told me tales of injured illegals being duped at public hospitals.

So, like slavery in Plantation America, the use of one people as slave labor, consigns those not held under the system to an even worse poverty as such labor depresses labor costs.