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‘Tomahawk Chop’
Viking vs Erique Axe Knife Man Weekend 2018
The Roaming Viking takes on Erique with Coldsteel polyethylene Tomahawks and blunt steel knives [cut town Tromantina machetes]. If the viewers want to spar with the Coldsteel item, do not do so with fencing masks. You must use a full helmet or risk getting a hole knocked in the back of your head. Those training axes are not just dangerous, but deadly.
Tactically speaking, the two big men spent too much time in front of each other. With a hafted weapon you want more movement and stroke synchronization. But every fight is a learning process.
At about 1:40 in the second round the Viking takes an angle and scores a quick kill. A hafted weapon requires more angulation than the blade, which also demands it. In the end the guys have a lot of fun with mutual kills. With a good imagination doing this stuff can be a barrel of laughs.
I’m so proud of these guys for keeping alive Modern Agonistics.
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