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'Liability or Guardianship'
Crackpot Mailbox: Are illegal aliens a cheaper workforce than slaves were?


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3:36 PM UTC

Question: Are illegal aliens a cheaper workforce than slaves were?

I would wager that pound for pound they are, I mean there's no acquisition cost, no legal liability or guardianship, it's the best of both worlds! There's no workers' compensation either, when illegals get hurt, they just disappear back into the desert mist.


James responded on Sep-30-2018 at 5:30 PM:


I will post this as an article at some point.

Lothrop Stoddard documented in his The Rising Tide of Color and White World Supremacy, that elite attempts to import masses of Chinese as a cheaper workforce in the late 1800s were base on cheap labor models. The Chinese coolie was described as the "perfect industrial machine" due to his ability to feed himself with rice and house himself in a tent. Indeed, the turning away from chattel to wage labor was a means of reducing labor costs as no one had to buy or feed them. Due to remote labor locations employers had inherited the plantation owner's responsibility of feeding and housing American labor. The fact that Caucasian and African slaves and freemen performed poorly when they had no meat to eat made the Chinamen something of the diesel engine of his day.

Essentially, from 1620 through 1860, the purchase price of a permanent slave alone surpassed what one had to pay in wages for the productive labor of a time slave, who were 10 times cheaper [I prove this in So His Master May Have Him Again] than a permanently owned slave, who, for the compassionate master, held the extra expense of retirement.

I have just finished reading and annotating The Pending Crises of the South, written by a North Carolina native living in Baltimore, Maryland in 1857. The 13 articles I have outlined from this book will be presented in American Spartacus. The book was predominantly a statistic comparison of the economies of the North and the South, which demonstrated definitively that every commodity produced with free wage labor was more abundantly and more cheaply produced than those same items produced by slave labor. Indeed, Maryland, a slave state, could not feed its own horses! The North already held the South in total economic bondage as of 1857, making it obvious that the Civil War of 1861-65 was simply a matter of the manufacturing sector acquiring direct control of resources which were more cheaply extracted with wage labor. Wage studies from the Carolinas proved that free white men sat penniless and idle while African American slaves worked and enjoyed a higher standard of squalor and that when labor was hired, rented colored slaves cost more than free white labor, because the employment of slaves was a status symbol of the elite, who tolerated blacks slaves and absolutely hated white freemen.

I have interviewed a construction worker who told me tales of injured illegals being dumped at public hospitals.

So, like slavery in Plantation America, the use of one people as slave labor, consigns those not held under the system to an even worse poverty as such labor depresses labor wages.

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BobOctober 2, 2018 2:10 AM UTC

As an addendum, many Chinese were happy to flee the homeland because of the ravages wrought on society by the opium trade. The latter a joint venture between the Crown and the Sassoon family. Plus ça change....