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045 Rail King
Crackpot Podcast

Our good friend Tony joins us for episode 45 of the Crackpot Podcast. Tony has a fascinating life story and we only really scratched the surface here, talking a little about being homeless starting at age 15, riding the rails like a hobo, working so many odd and arduous jobs, and raising hell all over the Pacific Northwest.

0:00:00 The gentlemen are getting caffeinated after a late night of conversation

0:02:36 Tony's friend who visited on a bicycle

0:03:55 Mucker the dog

0:05:12 Tony's illustrious and varied career

0:08:50 Book rec: The Bomb by Frank Harris, Portland Antifa

0:12:34 Tony's early life, homeless and on the rails

0:16:34 Hopping a greyhound

0:20:15 Overheard at the courthouse

0:23:42 Homeless barbarians

0:32:08 Sky King

0:37:44 Time preference and crime

0:44:45 The refrigerator caper

0:47:34 Manual labor

0:53:09 Medicine Wheel Mountain

0:56:05 Perseid Meteor Showers, foraging, mountain life

0:58:35 Crackpot Industries update, Neanderbol, The Filthy Few, other fiction

1:08:22 Preview for the next time Tony joins us

Nice Day for a Funeral

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Sam J.October 3, 2018 5:04 AM UTC

Maybe people quit hitchhiking because the deep state has been picking them up and sacrificing them or not.

"...Got to be many conspiracies..."

If you look carefully in MOST cases you will see Jews involved somehow. I agree that there's no overall conspiracy. These guys are like the mafia with a lot of families that try not to antagonize each other while preying in on the rest of us.

Getting off of rail cars. There was a special forces tactic that I saw, somewhere, where they invented a technique to do so without getting hurt. You jump off backwards while kicking your legs backwards as fast as you can. You roll when you hit.

If they would stop the massive immigration they could lower the number of homeless. Also if they would stop using all the money for the homeless to fund officials then they could probably find some way to get off the streets. I also note that people who live in cars and campers they take them away instead of finding a place for them to park them with showers. Add in some security to keep the peace and the ones who want to get out can work their way up. The ones that have drug and alcohol problems can at least have a roof over their head.

Some of what I'm getting at is some people are fucked up. They're not going to automatically stop being fucked up but if they could have a little something over their head maybe over time they could slowly move to not being fucked up or being less so. Living on the streets the stress is going to exacerbate the whole situation.

"...sometimes the world just beats you down..."

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. If there were some place to chill for a while I think a lot, certainly not all, people would work themselves off the streets.

"Dogs as best burglar alarms"

I just had a severe brain fart. "Robodog". Look at this video of how a low power device like a cell phone can recognize things.

So the computing power for this can be bought in low volume for less than $30. (A micro-controller with processor, many input-output digital leads to control things, a board to tie things to, USB port, video output, etc.). [This follows right along with destroying peoples idea that somehow AI will never do anything. I've commented on this over and over. Just what will it take before people realize how much computers will take over? They already can beat most gamers at any game and outfight our best fighter pilots in simulations. Remember they are doing the above with dirt cheap computers that in quantity would only cost about $3 or $4.] Put one of these into a big mechanical dog and have it recognize the owner and his friends. Anyone else comes in the house it clamps down on their leg or arm, not breaking it, and refuses to let go. Even if they drag it off it will send messages where it is and that it is being stolen. Make it big enough and it would be difficult to get away from. It could bring burglary to a stop. Plaster "Robodog" stickers all over your house. No one will come in.