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‘To Make Sense of This Pattern’
Why do I keep clashing with authority figures? By Andy Nowicki

Thanks to the Leveler, for this link.

In terms of societal predation, “calling attention to” someone’s “power trip.” Or “bullying,” or “having the pecking order foisted on you,” being “put in your proper spot on the hierarchy,” seems to have been beyond Andy’s large-brained grasp.

As one of my favorite writers and one of the very best writers of our time, Andy has been disabled by his academic training, has been conditioned by technological civilization to speak up, to protest against injustice, to “stand up for” himself, which is a trap.

Among intellectuals, who are not dedicated to brainwashing the sheeple under our hierarchal steeple, there is a tendency to view society as a way of working together towards the “the good” as Aristotle would say. However, civilized society, unlike barbarian society, is dedicated towards only one good, the good of the system of social predation that is Civilization. Aristotle did not realize that he only sought The Good because he and his kind were not yet entirely civilized and reduced to conducting themselves according to the gravity of Civilization.

Civilization is a passive-aggressive negation matrix dedicated to your dehumanization. Social media corporations depersoning someone is a logical step in the hierarchal trajectory that is Civilization, which is the process of dehumanization. Believing that Civilization is for the benefit of humankind is exactly like chickens believing that factory chicken farms exist for the benefit of chickenkind. It is painful to witness a literary genius like Andy awakening to the reality that the civilization he was trained to uphold and preserve was in fact a transmogrification matrix dedicated to his erasure.

Andy Nowicki seems to be living the nightmare of H. P. Lovecraft, experiencing the horror of “correlating the contents of his consciousness.” May the Beast Civilization slack its hunger elsewhere.

Good luck, Andy.

Ron West

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