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‘Can I Use Your Phone, Please?’
Julie’s Shopping Trip Experience with the Good Samaritan Scam

Julie, one of Niki’s numerous very attractive friends, a beautiful brunette in her late 20s, was at The Avenue in White Marsh, walking from the parking lot to the cell phone store, when a younger women, who she thought “was stunningly attractive” approached her asking to be able to make a call on her phone. Since Julie was in heels and this girl was in sneakers, and in light of the fact that she had heard so many stories of people who have had phones stolen or had been beaten or robbed for their phones, offered to make a call for the girl. The girl seemed genuinely fearful and had the body language of a person in peril.

Wanting to help the girl, Julie said, “Hon, I will make the call for you as she pulled up her phone in front of her.”

The girl then looked over her shoulder, as if expecting to see something or someone, then had a change of countenance and turned to Julie with an entirely more assertive tone of voice and urged her, under the overcast afternoon sky in the suburban Baltimore shopping center, “Lady, fucking run! Run! Get in your car and fucking go before they’re back. Once they get you you can’t get away from them—fucking run!”

Julie felt like she was listening to a crazy person, but when she looked at the pained, urgent look in the terrified girl’s face, she said, “I fuckin' ran right out of my shoes and never looked back until I got in my car and peeled rubber out of there. I’ve never been so terrified. That poor girl. What do you think happened to her?”


I answered, “According to the research I did in 2013, most of the women trafficked out of Europe and the U.S. are processed in Israel into the Arab World, but many are actually held in the U.S. and Canada as well.”

How true that is now, I have no idea, as I have stopped looking into it. However, a large part of the trade is using women from one country in another, so they will lack contacts to assist them escape, even if it means there is no net export of women from targeted nations. I am absolutely certain that I have personally been solicited, twice for sex for money and twice for assistance, by Eastern European women trafficked to the U.S., once on the Amtrack train a week ago.

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