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BPD Recruitment
JohnPaul Barber on the Harm City Remote Viewing Beat

Tue, Oct 2, 11:06 AM (1 day ago)

Hey James,

Thought you might like to see the latest recruitment ad from the Baltimore Police Dept. They’ve apparently figured out that criminals are more likely to stop and put their hands up if they see an obese twerking negress in uniform than they will if there’s a gun pointed at them.


The humor of the social media comments was appropriately dry.

Since Catherine Peeyoo has taken over as mayor of the city she has alternately requested, declined, requested and declined and now requested again, federal assistance with policing her city and it is her city. As far back as old hands could remember, Baltimore was ever a fiefdom of an individual, with the single exception of Kurt L. Schmoke, who actually proposed drug legalization and seemed to have a human scale conscience. However, Peeyoo is cut in the mold of her predecessors, male and female, ghost devil and shadow saint and pursues her own personal enrichment at the behest of her Deep State Masters.

One of the initiatives of the Mayor’s Deep State Masters is opioid saturation and she has served those ends well, directing the Baltimore City Police Department to focus on one paramount goal, investigating the Baltimore City Police Department.

The secondary initiative of the BPD is exporting crime to the surrounding suburbs.

The tertiary initiative is calling for gun ownership reduction and banishment.

These goals are best served under third world style rule of municipalities.

The Peeyoo Administration is off to a good reign.

The Murderbowl Score is:

235 on the season with 4 dropped in the last three days.

At this pace a new murderbowl record could be attained but how can it be sustained.

Thought Crimes: Civil

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