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As I Walked the Streets of Harm City...
VIDEO: Recently-Released Murderer Shoots Cop, Gets Obliterated

FYI Harm City News.

Oh beat the drums slowly and play the fife lowly;

Sing the Death March as you carry me along.

Take me to the valley, there lay the sod o'er me,

I'm a young hoodrat and know I’ve done wrong.

-Jeremy Bentham


Recently-Released Murderer Shoots Cop, Gets Obliterated

October 3, 2018 Comments Off on VIDEO: Recently-Released Murderer Shoots Cop, Gets Obliterated 4,103 Views


Jeremy, thanks for the heads up. A portion of this clip was shown on the local news. What truly amazes after being away for three months, is that during my week stay in Harm City, I typically hear a police helicopter 8 times a day, three of those being proximate enough for the chopper to rattle windows.

One more day in this pestilential pit and I’m on the road again.

The last time I was in the neighborhood of this shooting as about 2003. I was half asleep and drunk, having passed out on the #23 bus and missed my stop and then walking through as fast as I could from Westside to central before it got dark. You do not want to be in that area at dark.

The Soldier of Fortune website is quite interesting, particularly the interweaving of police and military and military contractor activity, which is sensible marketing, as it is all mercenary activity and some people seem to migrate through all three professions.

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BobOctober 5, 2018 7:44 AM UTC

The injured cop made life harder for his partner by not cooperating, not withdrawing when asked.