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Pussy Pass Denied
Professional Sex Object versus Professional Drug Dealer—Who Wins?

I guess she thought this routine would work just as well with this guy as it has in the past with her white drug providers.

Violent fight over cocaine led to ex-Playboy model's ...

Playboy model found strangled in her home. Police are searching for a person of interest that they believe may be involved in the murder of Christina Carlin-Kraft.


Shep, our resident expert on the drugged condition of the guilty ghosts of perdition, Mister John Paul Barber, Inquire, has noted that the sum empathy of the well-adjusted ebon urbanite is perfectly callibrated for the management and disposal of the degenerate and drug-addicted segment of our overpopulation.

If I were King, young men of this fellow's heroic ilk would be rewarded with a stay of execution for every ghostly, ebony or other dope fiend taken off the planet, with a bonus of 2 ebony kills permitted for any ghost-guilted incubation equation subjected to liquidation, thus providing eugenic services to their post-community as well as the post-community population of their heartless oppressors.

Thought Crimes: Civil

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